Qur’an Only Religion is intellectually bankrupt

“O you who have believed, fear Allah, and speak words of appropriate justice.” (Qur’an 33:70)

I find the “Qur’an Only” Islam to be intellectually bankrupt.  Beyond the idea that saying that ‘I bear witness that Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah‘ upon entering Islam, or saying Salawat upon the Blessed Messenger (saw) to be acts of shirk-or association of partners with Allah (swt) they really have little more to offer in theology.

I find no attempt at all to discuss theological issues about the attributes of Allah in any meaningful way.

No discussion on issues like free will and determinism, no discussion on rather we see Allah in the hereafter, rather souls remain in hell or are released, rather Allah is divinely simplistic in being or unity, rather the Qur’an is created or uncreated, rather who or what creates actions, nor any meaningful definition of the sifat of Allah (swt). 

Just rail against hadith. It is all they can bring to the table as to the rest….good luck!

Probably ‘the‘ single greatest contribution that some of them have made on the issue of creed and theology is the idea of rather or not the prophets are sinless or infallible.

Nor have I seen among those who follow the Qur’an Only Religion any meaningful attempt to engage in the theological issues.

Yet the only thing that the adherents of the Qur’an Only Religion  can offer one is constant railing against the hadith literature.

I have a feeling that many of these people (at least those I had met) are well educated but don’t really have insight and wisdom. It is possible that many of them were exposed to very heavy-handed tactics of traditional Muslims.   It would make anyone want to run away from it all.

Like a friend of mine here in Singapore.  His parents are from Najaf.  His family is 12er Shi’a.  They left Iraq during the time of Saddam Hussein.  They settled in London.  My friend only wants to be known as an identity as a Muslim. The 12er Shi’a theology does not resonate with him at all.

He takes jobs halfway across the planet to avoid being pressed into their worldview.

He wants no part of it.

The fact that many of the adherents of the Qur’an Only Religionrely heavily upon orientalist writings is very telling.

When I announced what my intentions were for this blog a Quraniyoon follower in Singapore approached me, she was (is) a level headed woman. She is an American convert to Islam.  Her husband is of Pakistani origin.   They raise money for charitable causes… and work with NGO’s

Her husband was quite excited to learn that I was not really into “traditionalist Islam” and was keen to have me start another web site that would promote ‘Qur’an Only Religion‘.

Yet, he was unable to answer questions about the textual history of Islam, that the concept of the number (19) MIGHT work for certain qir’aat of the Qur’an but not for others.

That we can’t even speak about “over it are 19” until we have established that the basmallah is indeed a verse over every surah of the Qur’an.

How do we do that?!!

Submission.org has appealed to extra-Qur’anic material to prove their claims.

I respected their identity but I parted ways telling the husband (who got easily irritated) that I do not believe in their Qur’an only Religion’

I turned down funding from this couple because I will not promote a cause that I don’t believe in nor do I find to be intellectually viable-at all.

I have found that many among the ‘Qur’an only Religion  for the most part are as easily agitated, turned up, and unfocused as are many traditionalist Muslims.

So yes, the Qur’an Only Religion’ may be a rallying cry for Muslims who have had it up to their neck with ‘traditionalist‘.

Yet It is important for those Western Muslims, those in Turkey, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Egypt, or anywhere else who are enamored with the Qur’an Only Religion’  to understand just how intellectually bankrupt the position is. It’s just almost like they have these small support groups which become echo chambers for their ideas. All I ever see is railing against the hadith.

A movement that cannot interact with the compilation and transmission of the Qur’an in any meaningful way, nor a movement that interacts with the theological questions that have gripped the Muslim ummah is not a movement or position I would want to invest my trust in.



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2 responses to “Qur’an Only Religion is intellectually bankrupt

  1. Abdullah

    Salaam alaykum akhi,

    May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family. I totally agree with what you say about the Quran-only muslims that many of them are intellectually bankrupt and often look to extra-Quranic material to supprt their claims. For example, I was listening to one of their lectures on Youtube and they admit things that are not found in the Quran. For example, this man was saying that the prophet (PBUH) preached in Mecca for 13 years and another 10 in Medina. Well, how do you know that exactly?? Obviously from the hadith literature and I find it amazing that they completely reject Hadith and yet still quote some and believe in them! Really stange indeed!

    However, I trully do understand their delima with hadith literature and that they only want to reply on the Holy Qur’an for their guidance. I myself totally gave up on hadith literature many years ago but realised in time that we cannot possibly say that ALL hadith are false! That’s like saying the entire Bible is false which is absurd. So when for example, Jesus (PBUH) says: “Here O Israel, the Lord Our God in One!”(Mark 12:29). So is this also false? So how can the entire hadith literature be false??

    This is why we need the Prima-Qur’an approach and I believe the early scholars from the Salaf did exatcly this. For example, the Hanafi’s and Maliki’s would reject any hadith that classed with the Qur’an, Al Qiyas (analogy or reasoning) and the mass transmitted practices.

    But there’s one more thing that really irritates me is that these Quran-only mulims and labled with Quraniyoon. I mean come on, were the people who trully followed Jesus known as Injeeliyoon? Or the people of Moses known as Torahiyoon? What nonsense! We are all muslims so lets just leave it as that InshaaAllah.

    May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon all the rightious slaves of Allah. Ameen!


    • walakum salaam wr wb brother,

      Ameen wa ‘ajmaeen! May Allah (swt) bless us all!

      “But there’s one more thing that really irritates me is that these Quran-only mulims and labled with Quraniyoon. I mean come on, were the people who trully followed Jesus known as Injeeliyoon? Or the people of Moses known as Torahiyoon? What nonsense! We are all muslims so lets just leave it as that InshaaAllah.”

      If they want to label themselves as ‘Quraniyoon’ they can suit themselves, but when they do that they should know that Allah (swt) has named us Muslims.

      I would say the big issue that I have with them, especially submitters labeling all other Muslims as unbelievers, polytheist and mushrik. Between them and the Salafis it has to be a tie on who can make accusations of kufr upon other Muslims.

      Thank you for your du’a noble brother.

      Walakum salam!

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