insh’Allah I’ll be beginning a series at Prima Qur’an.

Are theories of evolution consistent with the Qur’an.

What I will be tackling (insh’Allah).

1) Looking at Ha Mim Nuh Keller’s sweeping fatwa on the subject.

2) Looking at what Yasir Qadhi has said about it.

3) Looking at what the Holy Qur’an has said in regards to it.

4) Understanding that their is NO THEORY of evolution but that there are theories (Lamarckian vs Darwinian) and why that distinction is important.

5) Rivalry between Evolutionist Richard Dawkins and Evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould.

6) Stephen Jay Gould’s paper on punctuated equilibrium.

7) Why Biological Evolutionist don’t talk about the racial make up of the first humans. In other words why don’t universities in China, Japan, and all over the world talk about the racial identity of the first humans.

8) Other scientific models that compete with the theories of evolution.

9) Noble Prize Winner Sir Francis Crick and Dr. Watson (the men who discovered DNA has a double helix) who believe humanity was created by an Intelligent Alien race.

10) The idea that we are in a simulation and why this is a threat to the theorIes of evolution.

and more!!!!

Your du’a PLEASE!

With Allah (swt) is success!

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