“For each [faith] -community We have appointed [sacred] rites, so that they may mention the name of Allah.” [Qur’an 22:34].

Dear readers, brothers, sisters, and truth seekers. I would like to say from my heart to yours a very blessed Eid Mubarak. I pray that Allah swt accept all your deeds, and reward you for the intentions in your heart.

I pray that all of us are increased in emaan, taufiq, taqwa and sabr. I pray that Allah swt keep all of you and your families save during this covid19 challenge. I pray that the Muslim community strengthens its ties among one another.

I am but a human being with many many character flaws. I do not penetrate the depths nor do I know the subtitles. If I have hurt or offended any one reading this web site knowingly or unknowingly may Allah swt forgive me and may you forgive me. Insh’Allah I am in the process of re-working and re-tooling this entire website.

I am looking for ways to present information and evidence , being both firm and passionate and trying to emulate even in the smallest way possible the forbearance and humility as exemplified by our Master, and Our Example, the Blessed Prophet Muhammed saw.

I pray that each and everyone of you reading this that you and I and all of us that we die upon faith, that we die in a state of willful surrender to Allah swt. I pray that Allah swt grants all of you the paradise. I pray that Allah swt raise you up among the prophets, the martyrs, and those who spoke words of truth to the tyrants. I pray that Allah swt grants you Allah swt. I pray that Allah swt and the Blessed Prophet Muhammed saw continue to bless each and everyone of you and your families. May those of you who are single find a good wife or wives, and may those of you who are married, may your marriages continue to find new things to appreciate and be thankful for in one another. I pray that those of you going through a divorce that new openings will happen for you. May Allah swt give your soon to be ex wife a man who is more fitting to her personality than you are. May Allah swt give your soon to be ex husband a wife or wives more fitting to his personality than you are. May you find common cause to show kindness and friendship if there are children between you all.

It is important that even though we feel very strongly and passionate about our various views and positions to not hate each other. What has happened concerning our noble sister in the U.K recently is very tragic. It is doubly tragic and shameful to say the least that some Muslims wanted to withdraw money because her family inclined towards a certain school of thought.

Yet, immediately after in Australia we learned about a person who rammed a car into a Muslim clothing shop. Showing the Muslim community that we DO need to come together for common cause and common purposes. Not even among just Muslims but Non Muslims as well.

May all of you find new depths, new love, and new vigor and new passion in your faith as Muslims. May Allah swt cause to continue to fall in love with this beautiful deen over and over again.

May Allah swt protect your children from machinations and plots and the whispering of the evil ones. May Allah swt help all families to have continued and strengthened bonds that grow stronger and stronger.

Let us not forget that while a month of fasting has passed in which we may have had to embrace some difficulties let us not forget the tremendous difficulties and hardship of the Palestinians, the Muslims in Myanmar, Chinese concentration camps, the Muslims in Yemen, the fitna and wars in North Africa, and the tragic situation of our brothers and sisters in Syria. Let us pray and ask that Allah swt help us to find ways to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and defend the oppressed no matter who they are, where they are and if they are from our religion or not.

May we continue to strive to find ourselves worthy of this faith of Islam and may we do our level best to show others the beauty of Islam and find the courage and conviction to share this most beautiful way of life with others.

Every day, every second, every breath is a new opportunity a new moment to start anew. I ask all of you from the depths of my heart to forgive my many many character flaws, shortcomings, and mistakes. I love you all and may you continued to be blessed and loved and guided by Allah swt.

From my heart to yours.


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  1. Hayat

    Inchallah thanks for this nice words may Allah bless you.

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