Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqama Resource Page


So remain on the right course as you have been commanded, you and those who have turned back with you to Allah, and do not transgress. Indeed, He is Seeing of what you do.” (Qur’an 11:112)

This will be a resource page that will be updated that will give either the Muslim wanting to make the switch to the Ibadi school or the Non-Muslim coming to Islam to choose the Ibadi school a wellspring of resources for your continued guidance and well being.

Bint Ibadh Blogspot: A great source with many articles in English.


A link to our brothers in the United Kingdom.


Al Istiqama TV-A Great YouTube channel with English/Arabic


Ibadhi website in Swahili for those in East Africa. This site features the noble and knowledgeable Hafidh Al-Sawafi (Allah preserve him)


A website in English about Islam


A great Youtube channel with English/Arabic/French   Istiqama Daw’ah in Algeria. 


My dear friend and student of knowledge: Salim Al-Ismailyy Information in Dutch/English/Arabic


A great resource in Arabic.


A great website about Ibadi in Arabic.


The Youtube channel of Shaykh Al-Muatasim al- Maawali.


Another great website about the Ibadi school in Arabic.


A Blog in Russian for the Ibadi community growing in Russia and Central Asia.


The Prayer of the Blessed Prophet (saw) as though you saw it with your own eyes. (According to the Ibadi School)

Salaat Simplified – z-card

Great PDF files on the more advanced topics on Ibadi Theology in English and Arabic. This book is called: “The Overwhelming Truth” By Shaykh Ahmed Al Khalili (May Allah continue to benefit us by him). 

This is the Arabic version: 

الحق الدامغ

This is the English version:

The Overwhelming Truth

This is a set of books from the honorable Shaykh Juma Muhammad Rashid Al-Mazrui (May Allah continue to benefit us by him). 

Al-Khawarij Reality Or Legend 1

Alkhawarij Reality Or Legend 2


Ibadhism: The Cinderella Story of Islam. 

IBADHISM The Cinderella of islam

Major Sins & Their Repentance.

Major Sins & Sincere Repentance




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3 responses to “Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqama Resource Page

  1. ibnmuslim16

    As Salam Alaykum brother, do you know where i can find the other 6 pamphlets of Shaykh Jumua’s Book?

  2. ibnmuslim16

    Oh okay JazaKallah Khayran

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