Shibli Zaman back for more


They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not.” (Qur’an 2:9)


But if they intend to deceive you – then sufficient for you is Allah. It is He who supported you with His help and with the believers.” (Qur’an 8:62)

Shibli Zaman thinks he has is followers fooled. However, once they get past the rhetoric and do just a little bit of research of their own they will see clear as day that this man is quite the liar. Thank you, sister Aisha, (Shibli has blocked me on Facebook) so I was not able to see his post.  So lets’ dive into this shall we?



“After my post about the martyrdom of al-Hussayn, an Ibadhi guy started saying that the noble grandson of the Prophet al-Hussayn , was not killed as a martyr but, rather, he died as a renegade.”


1) First lie. Can he show on HIS TIMELINE where I said that? No. A mutual friend posted his (Shibli’s thoughts) and I commented on those thoughts. Then that person tagged Shibli’s name in the comments.


2) He is lying not only to you people, or about me, he is lying in front of his Rabb. Making tawba is not sufficient because if you have the ability to correct the lie you should. I said no such thing about the grandson of the Blessed Prophet (saw), or any of the Ahl Bayt.


A big lie and a very serious egregious lie. I never said Hussain (r.a) died as a renegade.


Stop belittling your followers by lying to them. I challenge you to show this statement. Where is it Shibli? But you won’t because lying for you is a small matter.


“Why a WHITE convert would join a TINY sect in Oman is beyond me.”


We will come back to this insh’Allah.

“Just so ya’ll know, Ibadhis are the actual remnants of the Khawarij” Another falsehood and another lie. Also, if he’s so sure of his claim why doesn’t he debate me on this point live where people can judge?

If he doesn’t deem me “worthy” will he debate any Ibadhi on this point? Live? Don’t hold your breath.



“So that alone SHOULD be enough for any Muslim with Taqwa to dismiss this liar.” -Even though Ibn Abbas (r.a) did not participate in that battle and strongly opposed Ali ibn Abu Talib (r.a) Not that we would expect Shibli to know this.


Alas, remember because of some conflict the Muslims had centuries ago that renders everything I have to say moot. I see.


“So according to this idiot, and I guess this is an Ibadhi belief, al-Hussayn died as rebel and renegade!” Authubillah! Astaghfirulah adheem! Again another lie, and notice the wording, “I GUESS”. So that is what Shibli is an “I GUESS” kind of guy. He’s not a ‘proofs and evidence’ type of individual.


This is what my article says:

This is what I said:

How do we know that that the Blessed Messenger () wasn’t crying over the fact that Hussain (ra) brought women and children into a conflict where he was advised by senior companions not to do so?”


What does it say about the character of Hussain (ra) if what we are told is true? That he ‘knowingly‘ knew that he would be ‘sacrificed?’ That he would ‘knowingly‘ sacrifice the honour of his noble sister Zaynab (ra) as well?”


That is what I said. So will Shibli apologize for lying? No, it’s not in his nature. He has too much pride and lying is a small thing for him, whereas in Islam it is a big thing.


His statements about Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah and al-Mustadrak of al-Hakim were already addressed by me. Yet he takes advantage of the ignorance of his audience concerning our exchange.


“Then this guy (who happens to be remarkably small) challenged me to a fight..”

There goes Shibli again with the diminutive words. He seems quite insecure. Or he is saying that anyone smaller than him (not only myself) are incapable of handling themselves?


Again he lies as he is the one said to meet back in November “pray we never meet.”

If that is not innuendo for challenging someone to a fight or that you will physically hurt them I don’t know what is. He’s upset because I sent him a voice recording telling him plainly to never threaten me with physical violence. He responded with his unhinged voice notes. Completely unglued. That is the real reason why he will not go live with me because you people will see just how unraveled he becomes.


He says, “I told him I would LOVE for an enemy of al-Hussayn bin Ali to meet me face to face.” Another lie. Where did he say this at? Why not produce your proof Shibli?


As for me to be crystal clear. I love Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib (May Allah have mercy on them both).

1) Ali (r.a) was the legitimate fourth caliph and Amir of the faithful. Some of the sahabah differed with him about his decision at Siffin. Ibn Abbas differed with him on his decision to fight people at Al Narhawan and DID NOT partake in that battle.

2) Hussain ibn Ali Abi Abu Talib (r.a) I believe was mistaken to fight Yazid by bringing women and children. Yazid was mistaken to kill him. Yet, do note that the hadiths say, “Hussain will be killed by my UMMAH.” I don’t like it and you may not like it but that is what It says.

3) As I have shown there is NO hadith where rasul Allah (swt) said that Hussain would die as a martyr. No explicit statement. That is my point. If you claim to love Ahl Bayt, why not love the King of Ahl Bayt , the Blessed Messenger (saw) himself by not ascribing to him what He (saw) did not say?

Unlike what Shibli Zaman says and continues to say, with no proofs and no evidence.



If Shibli Zaman was really serious about what he said (and not chest-thumping) don’t you think even one drop of Hussayn (r.a) precious blood would be with a 1500.00 round trip flight to SINGAPORE (not an undisclosed location) he knows that. However, I doubt he really cares that much for even one drop of Al-Hussayn’s precious blood. Instead, he uses a tragic event in the history of the Muslims for bravado. I don’t expect him to come flying to Singapore any time soon.


“Only later did I realize that I had encountered this guy on Facebook around the time…” Actually, it should read, “Only later did I realize, that I Contacted him back in November 2019.” That is twice now that Shibli came to me. I never once came to him. So let’s not forget that.


“He took the opportunity to claim a very decent married sister whom I happen to know very well was “flirting” with him. this sister’s husband is a former professional bodybuilder, a doctor, studied Islam formally, and is just an overall awesome guy. Why would she flirt with a jobless little WHITE guy who barely reaches over 5’…”


I also clarified that. I made a vague reference to a sister when I was at Zaytuna 2001, and I was surprised that I got her first name right. It was a vague reference nothing more. It is Shibli who paced the halls at night neurotically trying to ascertain who this was. I find that really creepy.


Not only that but as I have shown (you know proofs, evidence) don’t all Muslims value this? I have shown when he made this accusation against me a serious accusation at that! In the Qur’an that is 80 lashes! No joke. I invited him and the sisters to make the prayer of cursing. He beat a hasty retreat. In fact and I also have the proof of that that he said, “well even if she did…” So, someone, I recalled from memory using a vague reference to a first name he has helped make even more clear with and oh by the way her husband is:

professional bodybuilder


studied Islam formally.     

Have some shame, my man. Not only have I posted (you know proofs evidence) a brief conversation with a sister I respect (one he named). It was cordial. Certainly not the feeling of me lying concerning her.

Sure, maybe I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but this guy has Fruity Pebble written all over him; and my brother you are weaving a dhikr bead of lies, and no Lucky Charms nor Trix will save you from the Honey Smack on the day of judgment.


“Making RACIST remarks about Pathuns claiming they’re homosexuals.” No, what I did was a note that people from your culture have a penchant for these things. I didn’t make the movie Kite Runner, an Afghani American did. I didn’t write the article I linked to. There are tons of testimonials from those brave souls who do come forward and speak of this atrocity.


If I am making racist remarks about mentioning what an Afghan American movie writer made a film about what does it say about a person who needs to say: a jobless little WHITE guy.

Why couldn’t I just be a: jobless little guy?

Why a WHITE convert

Why couldn’t I just be a convert?


The guy wants to meet me face to face, yet can’t accept a live call from me. That doesn’t even have a whiff of bravery to it at all.


“I don’t trade threats over the internet” Umm your entire paragraph is you doing exactly that. Sending out threats. Your statement back to me in November 2019 was a threat. Your just upset because I called you out on it.


“But I haven’t been able to help but notice that all of these guys are very SMALL, so their desire to pick fights with someone who is TWICE THEIR SIZE is largely driven by insecurity.” Right! And constantly talking about how small other men are in comparison to you doesn’t have a tinge of insecurity to it. 

Anyway, there is nothing more to add, however, do allow me to take the opportunity to say that is sad that people like Dr. Umar Al Qadri (happy that Sinead O’Connor had him as a teacher) to like such a post as his. I have respect for both of these teachers, and it really tells you where we are as a community. 

Do allow me the opportunity to set the record straight about Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqama the Ibadhi school. 

Anyone who meets me in person in Singapore knows that I am an easy-going guy. I have friends both Muslim and non-Muslim. I have friends who are Muslim brotherhood, various Sufi Tariqa, Balawi, Naqshabandi Haqqani, Qadiri, Tijani, 12er Shi’a, Zaydi, Dawatus us Salafiyya, and so forth. At the end of the day, I will say that I have found many of Shibli’s post really good in the past. It’s just that this guy cannot seem to keep from resorting to the garrulous “Meet me In Houston.” “Everyone is tiny except me verbose.” That’s why he has never really taken off. 

Al-Khawarij Reality Or Legend 1

Alkhawarij Reality Or Legend 2


IBADHISM The Cinderella of islam


I would really think about clearing up your lies for the sake of your Creator, Shibli, At least tell your readers that you were angry, maybe you misspoke, didn’t quite recall events. I say this out of concern for your soul. Who knows you might might be able to put a dent in me. However, it is quite obvious you will never put one scratch on my spirit. Allah is a witness between us.





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