The Violent Take It By Force: Christian Dominionism

Then set your face upright for the way of life in the right state– the nature made by Allah in which He has made humanity; there is no altering of Allah’s creation; that is the right way of life, but most people do not know. “ (Qur’an 30:30)

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven is taken/achieved by violence, and violent men take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12)

If you are a Muslim engaging with Christians in any way shape or form. Rather you are our noble brother Paul Williams, a debater like Shabir Ally, Yusuf Ismail, Mohamed Hijab or someone who refutes the protagonist like brothers ‘Farid Responds’ and Daniel Haqiqatjou; than you need to be very familiar with Christian Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism. If not my dear friends you are going in not fully prepared.

There are two modern streams of Christian Dominionism -from Rousas Rushdoony and his Christian Reconstructionism to Lance Wallnau and 7-M Mandate.

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” (Genesis 1:28)

Christian Reconstructionism: It is predominantly a Calvinist theonomic movement. It gains it’s inspiration from Calvinist such as Rosuas Rushdoony, Greg Bahsen and Gary North. Among some of its more popular ideas is that multi-culturalism is problematic. Democracy is Anti Christian.

Under this Dominion perspective the following would carry the death penalty: murder, homosexuality, adultery, incest, lying about one’s virginity, bestiality, witchcraft, idolatry, apostasy, public blasphemy, false prophesying, kidnapping, rape etc…

Theonomy: a form of Christian government in which society is ruled by divine law, in particular, the laws of the Torah. It should be observed by modern societies.

Postmillennialism– is an idea that he vast majority of people living will be saved. Increasing the number of converts to Christianity will eventually produce a time in history prior to Christ Jesus return in which faith in Jesus, and prosperity will prevail in the lives of all people. After a period of time has passed Jesus will return and end history with a general resurrection and a final judgement. In order for this to happen postmillennialism believes that Christians have to change society’s legal and political institutions in accordance to Biblical law.

Kinism. – At its core, kinism is the belief that God specially ordained “races” and that he intends for us to preserve that division to one degree or another. Kinism believes that God ethically and specially ordained the nations and “races.” Kinist believe that race mixing is unethical and biblically immoral.

Not all reformed Christians are Kinist; however, all Kinist are reformed Christians. The belief is becoming increasing problematic in Presbyterian and reformed Baptist circles. For example, John T. Earnest (May Allah forgive him and guide him to the right path) pleaded guilty in federal court today to a 113-count hate crimes indictment, admitting that he set fire to an Escondido mosque and opened fire in a Poway synagogue because he wanted to kill Muslims and Jews. The religiously- and racially-motivated attacks resulted in the murder of one person and the attempted murders of 53 others. He was a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Kinism had to be condemned as a heresy as late as 2019 by the council of Christian Reformed Churches. Kinism is an easy belief to breed among those who believe that multi-culturalism posses a challenge to one’s faith rather than an opportunity to share.

7-M Mandate. -Also known as New Apostolic Reformation or Apostolic governance.

Those who follow the seven mountain mandate believe that, in order for Christ to return to earth, the church must take control of the seven major spheres of influence in society for the glory of Christ. Once the world has been made subject to the kingdom of God, Jesus will return and rule the world. Right now Jesus refuses to come down because Christians are not fulfilling their part of the deal.

Here are the seven mountains, according to the seven mountain mandate:
1) Education
2) Religion
3) Family
4) Business
5) Government/Military
6) Arts/Entertainment
7) Media

One of the most famous advocates of the 7 M Mandate is Former President Donald Trumps’ Spiritual Advisor, Paula White. Paula White believes that evangelicals are locked in a spiritual war ‘against the marine kingdom’.

Donald Trump with Paula White.

This Dominionist in one of her more bizarre prayers said the following:

Hey, hey. Hey, hey. Hey, hey. We interrupt that which has been deployed to hurt the church in this season, that which has been deployed to hurt this nation, in the name of Jesus. Forgive us! For our sins. Come on. I need you guys to pray. We cancel every surprise from the witchcraft in the marine kingdom. Any hex. Any spell. Any witchcraft. Any spirit of control. Any Jezebel. Anything the enemy desires through spells. Through witchcraft. Through any way that is manipulation. Demonic manipulation. We curse that. We break it, according to the word of God, in the name of Jesus. We come against the marine kingdom. We come agains the animal kingdom. The woman who rides upon the waters. We break the power. In the name of Jesus. And we declare that any strange winds, any strange winds that have been send to hurt the church, sent against this nation, sent against our President, sent against myself, sent against others. We break it by the superior blood of Jesus right now. In the name of Jesus, we arrest every infirmity, affliction, fatigue, weariness, weakness, fear, sickness, any self-righteousness, any self-serving action, God. Let pride fall. Let pride fall. Let pride fall. Let pride fall. In the name of Jesus. We command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now. We declare that anything that has been conceived in satanic wombs, that it’ll miscarry. It will not be able to carry forth any plan of destruction, any plan of harm.”

The very sad thing about the Christian Reconstructionist movement is that in many ways they don’t want to live in a decadent society and they do want to live by a moral compass. However, they will attack Islam and Muslims for the very same aspirations; namely, to live by a moral code.

They, the Christian Dominionist allow themselves to be duped and conned and used as pawns in geopolitical chess games. May Allah (swt) guide them and us.
“And the violent take it by force.” -Trump supporters storming the White House.


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