Split with in the Ibadi community?

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem,

Well, now that I have my site back needless to say there are some things I need to keep the readers appraised of.

This last few weeks has been rough. I had recovered from covid19, and than I had to deal with nifaq in a WhatsApp group I was a part of (and am no longer a part of).

  1. Not everyone who claims they are ‘Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah’ actually are what they claim.

Recently I was very active in an online WhatsApp group and I needed to leave it do to some questionable political affiliations as well as some ideological split among us.

There is a person in our group whom I had a very intense discussion some two years back on the issue of Palestine and the entity otherwise known as “Israel”.

This individual made the following claims.

  1. That the state of Israel has legitimately based upon verses in the Qur’an.
  2. That Palestine has no historical basis, no historicity behind it.
  3. We also had difference over the issue of the Ashkenazi European “Jewry” being descendants from the Khazar’s who converted to the faith.

Number 3 is less of an issue, than point 1 & 2.

This individual has also recently appeared on a video program with a woman who is scantly clad in the program this individual has stated:  “That’s why WE say the people who call themselves Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah are in fact Kufr.”

*WARNING* THIS WOMAN HAS SCANTLY CLAD PICTURES ON HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Please do not open this link in public, or if you are in a sacred place!


Listen at the following marks to hear this general takfir from this takfiri.

@1:41:36 “That’s why WE say the people who call themselves Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah are in fact Kufr.”

Who is this “We”?

By the way that video is dated Streamed live on Jul 26, 2022!! That is literally little over a week ago.

Yet, all the while this Pelu has been sitting in our WhatsApp group for months on end. He claimed he has been teaching “Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah” from the orientalist Valerie Hoffman’s book for 10 years!

Where is he getting this from?

This is a huge problem. As far as I am aware these are not the sentiments of Shaykh Ahmed Al Khalili (hafidullah). We differ with our brothers Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah on some issues of aqidah, and fiqh, and history, however, they are most definitely Muslims.

The thing about this rogue is that he has claimed to be teaching people the Aqidah of Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah for the last 10 years using Valerie Hoffman’s work. Why did it take him 10 years to reach out and learn from authentic sources?

I am not aware that the position of the Ibadi school, or Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah is to called the notable scholar hujjat al Islam, Imam Al Ghazali as a “HERETIC” ??

Al hamdulilah it took me last than 6 months to get connected to real authentic sources. Many of which I have been providing here and much of which has already been paved by our noble sister Bint Ibad.

We take our deen from the scholars. If a person is an Ibadi, Salafi, Maliki, Zaydi, none of the learned people would encourage someone to take a book written by an orientalist and teach people the deen from it. Besides who is this person? What Ijazah does he hold? What training? He has admittedly said he doesn’t even speak Arabic at all. So what actually was being taught in these private discord, and WhatsApp channels especially since as recently as last week the man has called ‘Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah’ as being ‘kufr’ ?

What impression of the Ibadi school were these people getting in the closed door sessions?

So there are two options here.

  1. Either this person is a lone wolf who is out to make the school look bad.
  2. Our Shaykhs, teachers are in upon full taqiyyah mode. Say one thing to the public and another among ourselves.

So which is it?

This also leads me to the moderator of the WhatsApp group we are in. This is an anonymous individual. I worked with on his YouTube Channel to promote the teachings of the school. Giving assistance in the correct of the English language and spelling.

This individual himself had to correct the previous person for making statements that he “could debate with everybody even God!

Our Anonymous moderator “Assad Al Muharrami” and brother ahmad Muhammed both soundly refuted Pelu on this point.

Only after repeated and incessant admonishment and only after consulting “privately with his Shaykh” did he acknowledge he was wrong and repented.

How does such questions enter the mind of any Muslim who has even an inkling or an iota of who Allah (swt) is, is beyond me.

This was a statement the individual made as early as this spring. So holding such views indeed what was being told to the people in these private discord servers? I personally was in Ghana Ibadi WhatsApp group and watched an individual be very disruptive in that group. That person had no intention of learning and this individual who was the moderator of the group took no action upon him. It was like he thrived in the chaos.

For someone who claims he can debate God he certainly beat a hasty retreat when I asked him to go live and debate me on the issue of Palestine and Israel. That offer stills stands! It is the very very least I can do for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, given that I live in a comfortable home, sleep on a comfy bed and eat three square meals a day while they suffer and are brutalized.

Than we have this “Muslim” running around and trying to undermine them?!

The anonymous individual who is the moderator for our WhatsApp group also has been posting videos by Shaykh Hassan Al Saqaf, that is fine and well, yet, if your comrade says that ‘Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah are kufr” doesn’t that make that individual a rank and file hypocrite, upon clear nifaq? Why use the aqidah of someone your comrade claims is upon ‘kufr?

Also, how can you be a representative of the Da’wah and go online and tell women whom you are not married to “I love you?” You don’t even have to be an Ibadi to know that is out of place. It is wrong across the board.

How are you a “teacher” of Islam via the Valerie Hoffman book in private Discord groups, and you are online telling random women, who are not your wife “I Love you” ??

Yet, our anonymous moderator will start to crank out videos about sins, and hellfire, and this and that will definitely guarantee you are going to hell, and apparently is cool as a cucumber with self proclaimed representatives of the school online acting like this?

When I was asked to join that WhatsApp group there was frequent clashes. Between myself and the anonymous moderator, between the anonymous moderator and a brother from Nigeria. I told them, ‘Look we are all talib ul ‘ilm’ students of knowledge. None of us our trained in the Islamic sciences. We can’t just throw our opinions around. The anonymous moderator is not someone who likes correction. This shabaab, is most likely around 16 or 17 years of age. Part of me gives excuse because of this. Allah (swt) knows best how his mother raised him. Because he is bereft of akhlaq. He will often try and approach people via passive aggressive means and not directly.

One can wear the flag and the banner and be very far from the light of Allah (swt).

So Al hamdulillah I reached out to a brother in Oman, and than two respected teachers joined our WhatsApp group and they did their level best in answering questions. The Ghana Ibadi WhatsApp group was a ghost town. As is the now dead Facebook page “Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah” go and see for yourself, like no life there.

So I have done my part via this website, and it seems like I have nasty individuals who want to target me here.

I also have done my level best to connect those who are interested in the Ibadi school with the REAL SOURCES and TEACHERS and not Valerie Hoffman’s book (even if it is translated from authentic sources).

No body, not the Ibadi, not the Salafi, not those who follow four madhabs, not Shi’a, none of them advise people to pick up a book and just start teaching people from it.

So for me that individual who called the Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah as kufr I stand apart from him. I stand apart from his colleague the anonymous moderator of the WhatsApp group. They are in Bara from me.

I want to make it clear that I stand APART from anyone who claims they are Ibadi, and say that Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah are kufr. I have family who are from Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah and if someone was to say that in front of me they would get a tight slap across their face!

Why would I want to say Mufti Menk is kufr? Ramadan Al Bouti is kufr? Abu Hanifa is kufr?

And as long as those Ibadi associate with this individual without publicly condemning him or asking him to publicly recant it sends very mixed signals about our intentions towards other Muslims.

Another point. I STAND WITH PALESTINE with every fiber of my being. I oppose any “MUSLIM” even if they call themselves Ibadi, or ‘Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah’ if they try to undermine the Palestinian people, their cause, their history. I hold them in BARA -dissociation.

As far as I know, Shaykh Ahmed Al Khalili (hafidullah) and the Omani people in general are sympathetic to the Palestinian people and their cause. However, after we have seen the overtures of the entity known as “Israel” in the U.A.E and Oman and other places I have no doubt that they have their agents.

So given what I experienced recently in the WhatsApp group I cannot honestly say that the Ibadi stand with Palestine. Because I honestly do not know. I only know what I experienced and the fact that people seem to be comfortable with an individual who claims the problem with Muslims is not they are Anti Zionist but that they are Anti Semitic!! Such Ben Shaprio esque arguments are a problem, a big problem.

Listen to this Pelu. So apparently we Ibadi are not Anti Semitic, but all other Muslim groups are! I have offered to publicly debate him on this point and he has declined. Apparently the fact that Netanyahu , who is a thug, and an oppressor, meeting with delegates in Oman is a sign that we (Ibadi) are some how not Anti Semetic (unlike the “so called Muslims” ) as he puts it?!

This Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah (Ibadi) WhatsApp group was (IS) fine with him making these statements. To my knowledge only one brother had the courage to stand up for the Palestinians and he left the group as well.

I have always been clear on my views and positions about things.

For example it is very well known to my teachers, that I unsettled on two points of jurisprudence that the Jumhur (or majority) hold. The issue of stoning for adultery, and the issue of death for apostacy. However, those articles were removed from Prima-Qur’an for a few reasons.

  1. I am still a student and I don’t wish to go against the Jumhur.
  2. Did not wish to misrepresent the school, of Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah.
  3. We do not have an Amir in place yet and these issues would best be resurfaced for discussion/debate at that point.

So going forward, I will need to see what I have backed up that I can put back up.

Insh’Allah I will be going it alone, with Allah (swt) help. This site has done great, without ego clashes, and joining up with individuals with ulterior motives.

My sincere advise to the readers. If you are a Muslim, you need to take your faith from authentic sources and teachers. If you are a Salafi than you follow Salafi teachers you know and trust. If you are Ibadi you follow Ibadi teachers you know and trust. If you are Maliki, it’s a given that you understand the principles of Taqlid.

This is not to say our teachers are infallible, etc. Yet, is incredulous for one to think they can pick up a book in a library and proceed to teach people this deen.

Allah (swt) alone is the searcher of hearts, and the knower of the unseen. In due time, the truth always comes to the surface. Al hamdulillah for that!


your brother.


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8 responses to “Split with in the Ibadi community?

  1. Agil Prasetyo

    Can I imply that the one that opposed you is a “hard” karijite, while you and most Ibadis on the other hand are kind of soft karijites?

  2. As salaam u alaykum dear brother,

    I appreciate the clarification, May Allah protect those who speak the truth, it has been clarified by those of knowledge that the Ahlul haq Wal Istiqama do not consider other sects kufaar, anyone claiming we do needs to produce their evidence. It was one of the main issues I researched before adopting the school of Ahlul Haq Wal Istiqama and I have no doubt that those who claim this have at best misunderstood and at worse deliberately misguided the people.
    There is no excuse for them and Allah will judge between us

    Now is the time for the people of knowledge to make the Ibadhi stance clear for the western audience and as always we ask Allah for guidance and protection.

    May Allah free the land of Palestine and may it’s enemies be destroyed. Aameen

    • walakum salaam warahmutallahi wabaraktuh!

      Dear respected brother,

      “Now is the time for the people of knowledge to make the Ibadhi stance clear for the western audience and as always we ask Allah for guidance and protection.”


      “May Allah free the land of Palestine and may it’s enemies be destroyed. Aameen”
      Amin! Ya Allah! Ya Rahman! Ya Raheem!


  3. Adam2000

    I dont like the how word Split has been used here. It sound (to me)like the Ibadi community is splitting into 2 groups (Is like two competing group ). Which this view only adopted by individuals only.

    • I hope you will understand that our future engagements would depend upon me seeing your face and knowing your real name.

      I can no longer take from anonymous individuals. Please understand this.

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