Exposing the Nifaq of Assad Al Muharrami

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem,

“It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not do.” (Quran 61:3)

This anonymous individual who goes by the name of Assad Al Muharrami, who supported this Pelu who called the Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah as Kufr, when our Shaykh Hilal corrected them, and told them this is not what the Ibadi school teaches. Pelu, who is an uneducated individual with no former training in any discipline in Islam had the nerve to argue with our Shaykh on the matter.

Not surprising coming from a person who’s level of aqeedah was such that he think he can ‘debate with Allah’. So this Assad Al Muharrami being the slimy, fitnah seeking child that he/she is went to get an aberrant opinion from Shaykh Maqbool.

Shaykh Maqbool is a former follower of Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah who came over to follow the Ibadi school. It is important that he is firm with some elements of Ahl Sunnah who takfir other Muslims.

Yet, the Omani police, authorities had to go and speak with Shaykh Maqbool and the senior teachers in our school had to admonish him on any takfiri ideology.

In fact to expose the blatant nifaq and out right hypocrisy of people like Assad Al Muharrami and Pelu look for yourselves and reason.

Why oh Assad do you take the opinion of one who goes against the Jumhoor for your own whims and desires when your own YouTube channel you have featured on there a Shaykh who says quite the opposite of Shaykh Maqbool?

So are Pelu and Assad Al Muharrami claiming to be “children of Allah”? Do they themselves know if their own soul’s are guaranteed paradise?

Yet these children are spreading fitnah. Why?

Yet, Assad Al Muharrami being sly and devilish added the following to the video:

“I think that I need to make this clear to not misunderstand the qadi. Basically for us ibadis, all those who disagree with us in any thing of aqeeda/belief/whatever you call it, is in Bara’ah. Because in Aqeedah there can only be one absolute truth, unlike fiqh issues where khilaf is possible. But does that mean we say they’ll go to hellfire? No (as they may have repented). Go to jannah? No. Rather their judgement is up to Allah SWT And when someone says it’s not only ibadis that’ll enter Jannah then that’s true, as the name is not necessary rather the belief is.**”

My refutation of this shabaab and his/her lack of knowledge.

Point 1. If the noble Shaykh (raheemullah) was alive today he would soundly refute this child.

Point 2. Why does this Munafiq than associative and give wilaya to people are non Ibadi?

Point 3. He makes it wajib upon lay persons all over the world to study deep matters on theology in order to be upon the correct way , to go to heaven. Yet, from what I seen from this Assad he/she himself/herself doesn’t even understand correct Aqidah!

Point 4. Why are they making use of material and taking their aqidah from Hassan Al Saqqaf whom they belief is a) kafir) and b) not upon the correct Aqidah?

Point 5. Read carefully again what Assad mistakenly believes about our faith:

“But does that mean we say they’ll go to hellfire? No (as they may have repented). Go to jannah? No.”

So unless you the reader (Shi’i, Sunni) believe that hellfire is eternal, the Qur’an is created, we will not see Allah (swt) in the afterlife, there is no Shi’i imama, the believers are not necessarily to be led by a descendant of the Prophet (saw), and more , unless you are on the same page as we are, make no mistake you will be in hellfire!

Point 6. When our own scholars from Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah have iktilaaf on a point of aqidah (as there can only be one absolute truth) which scholars go to hell? Which Ibadi scholars is Assad ready to put in hell? How does Assad as a layman/laywoman judge?

So according to Pelu, and Assad Al Muharrami, their understanding of the Ibadi school is that Shaykh Muhaddith Hassan bin Ali Al Saqqaf is a kafir!

Yet, why do they utilize him for aqidah points? Why take your aqidah from a “kafir”?

@ Assad, is your friend “Briyani” aware of this? Is your friend Ziryab Jamal aware of your views on Shaykh Al Saqqaf?

Quick, quick you deceivers go and delete the video quick!

This Assad Al Muharrami is an anonymous individual. No one has seen him/her or heard him/her. They very well could be non-Ibadi.

However, since this person +968 9633 8791 does have an Omani number and is misrepresenting the school of Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah it shouldn’t be too difficult to have the Omani authorities to pay a visit to his/her house and speak with his/her parents.

In Oman they do not play games with those who try and threaten the social cohesion of the society.

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