Analyzing the Chains of  Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri concerning the “Khawarij”

“Moreover, cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when you know.” (Qur’an 2:42)

Earlier we had discussed how the Ahl Sunnah disparage the noble companion Hurqus ibn Zuhair. We took at the various narrations and asked for the seeker of truth to juxtapose the various ‘matn’, the text and analyze it. You can see that entry here:

Analyzing the Chains of  Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri concerning the “Khawarij”

Today we will be looking at the chains of narrations and showing that problems with these chains. Even though these ahadith exist, in collections such as Bukhari and Muslim, they nonetheless have issues with their chains of transmission.

5 narrators from Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri in relation to the hadith about Dhu’l-Khuwaysirah At Tamimi.

So let us analyze the first chain of narration:

1) Ma’mar ibn Rashid
“But in his narration from Thabit, Alamash and Hisham Ibn Urwah there is “something”
and also in his narrations coming from him in Al Basrah there is doubt”

Source: (Ibn Hajar Al Taqreeb page 506no. 506)

2) Shuaib bin Abi Hamza

Concerning the narrations of Al Hakam bin Nafi from Shuaib biin Abi Hamza from Al-Zuhri(The ‘Ulemah of Hadith of Jarh Wal Tadeel have a huge doubt rather he was hearing from him or not. They have too much doubt concerning it)

3) Yunuz bin Yazid. “Ibn Hajar said he is a truthful person. However; his narrations from Al Zuhri contain
a little delusion.”

Source: (Ibn Hajar page 614 No. 7919)

Al Awzai’
(Ibn Maeen said: “Al Awzai from Al Zuhri is not that narrator.”

From Al Awzai is

Al Waleed bin Muslim Al-Dimashqi
Al Dimiqi Ibn Hajar said about him, he is a big Mudalis and he did not listen from Al Zuhri

Source: (Al Tahdheeb volume 6 pgs 216-217 hadith no. 4107)

Ishaq Rashid
“His hadith from Al Zuhri there is some doubt”
Source: (Ibn Hajar in Al Taqreeb page 100 no. 350)

Al Awza’i, we have already seen what has been said about the doubt concerning who he is. However, taking from him is:
AbdulHameed bin Habeeb.

Ibn Hajar said he is truthful but may get mistakes.
Abu Hatim said he is not an Imam in hadith but he is rather a diwan writer.
Source: (Ibn Hajar Al Taqreeb page 333 no. 3757)

Assim bin Shumaikh Al Geylani

Abu Hitim said he is majhool(unknown)
Abu Bark Al-Bazzar said he is not known
Ibn Hibban said he is true. However, Ibn Hibban is known among Hadith critics to be very lax in saying people are true. Imam Al Dhahabi not listening to this. Does not rely upon him and says he is unknown.

Ikrimah ibn Ammar Al Ijli
Ibn Hajar said “He is true but has mistakes and he has no book!”
Source: (Ibn Hajar Al Taqreeb p 396. no 4672)

Obaidellah Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masoud.

It is a bad narration because it has Abu Mashar Neujeh Ibn AbdulRahman Al Sindi

Ibn Hajar said he is weak when he become older and mixed thing sup.
Source: (Fathi Al Bari Volume 14 page 297)

The matn (the text) of this particular hadith is very strange as well.

“I came with the Prophet (saw) in Hunain. I also came with Ali when he killed them in Nahrawan. They looked every where for that man, and they did not find him. Than they found that man under the wall as per the description. Ali said, ‘Who knows this man?’ One of Ali’s people said, “I know this man. He is Hurqus and his mother is here.” Ali sent for this man’s mother. He asked the woman about the man slain, “Who is this?” She replied, ‘O commander of the faithful, I do not know.” I was raising goats in the desert in jahiliyyah (age of ignorance) before Islam in a place called al Rabdah. Than something touched me like a shadow. Then I became pregnant than I gave birth to this boy.”


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