Answering The Shi’i

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem, With the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

So each one has a goal toward which he turns; SO CONTEND WITH ONE ANOTHER IN GOOD WORKS. wherever you are located, Allah will bring you all together. Lo! Allah can do all things.” (Qur’an 2:148)

Allah will judge between you on the Day of Resurrection concerning that over which you used to differ.” (Qur’an 22:69)

May peace be upon those who follow the right guidance.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST. It is important to understand that I believe and accept that those who call themselves ‘Shi’i ‘are Muslims. I understand that ‘Shi’i’ is a term for a loose federation of various sects that all come under the understanding that Ali Ibn Abu Talib should have been the first Amir of the Muslims or was the most deserving of being that Amir.

I endorse the Amman accord:

You have your polemical works directed towards each other -Ithna-Ashari versus Zaidi versus Ismaili.

Thus it is in that spirit that this section is created. We have just as much right to contend for the truth as anyone else does. We have the right to allow the Muslim community to make an informed decision on various controversial issues. You have your narrative and we have our narrative. May the best Daw’ah win!

Are we to follow infallible Imams according to the Qur’an?

Purification of the Ahl Bayt?

The Shi’i believe the Prophets are Masoom (Infallible) however..

The Shi’i and their fabrication regarding Aisha

The Blessed Prophet Muhammed (saw) never predicted that Hussain Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib would die as a martyr.

The hadith of the 12 leaders.

Hadith on Imam Mahdi in Light of Ibn Khaldun

Hadith on Imam Mahdi in the Light of Ibn Khaldun

Ayatollah Asif Muhsini: Waiting for Imam Mahdi a Waste of Time.

3,000 Shi’i Mahdi’s in Iran!

What really happened at the battle of Siffin?

What really happened at the battle of Siffin

Ali ibn Abi Talib his ijtihad and burning people alive.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib his ijtihad and burning people alive

An Awesome relationship The Shia and Abu Huarayrah

Sunni and Shi’i narrators state that Ali bin Abi Talib drank alcohol and offered prayers while intoxicated?

Social experiment: Ali, Umar and Fatima

Hadith on Ghadir Khum

Shi’a and the Origin of Black People: Blatant Racism

Divorce according to the Imamiyyah 12er Shi’i

The Ark of Noah and the Descendants of Prophets.

Ismaili Shi’a and Circular Reasoning

Insh’Allah more to come… 

The Hadith on Qur’an and Ahl Bayt 

The Hadith of the Ark 

The Hadith on Moses and Aaron

Taking a look at Mutah Marriages. 

The Virtues of Abu Bakr Sadiq Inter Shi’i conflicts: After Ali Than what?

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