Conditions of Takfeer/Excommunicating in Ibadhi Madhab

“That is Allah—your True Lord. So what is beyond the truth except falsehood? How can you then be turned away?” (Qur’an 10:32)

The Conditions of Takfeer/Excommunication in the Ibadhi Madhab by Shaykh, Dr Scholar Abdullah bin Saeed bin Abdullah Al Ma’mari May Allah protect him and continue to benefit us from him.

There are four conditions in our school which must be fulfilled.

1) The first is that it must be authentically transmitted from the Qur’an or Sunnah.

2) The second is that it has a clear-cut authenticity.

3) The third is that the meaning has to be clear.

4) It has to be agreed as being tawatur.

By Tawatur/Mutawattir. That is to say, mass transmitted in practice without additions, accretions or innovations. Alternatively, mass transmitted by disassociated chains of transmission such that it is not possible for them to have conspired upon a falsehood.

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