Dust Becomes Marvel’s First Muslim Superhero

“And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know what it is.” (Qur’an 2:42)

And Marvel’s first Muslim superhero is…Kamala….

Dust (real name Sooraya Qadir) is a superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character usually appears in X-Men-related comic books. Sooraya is a mutant with the ability to transform her body into a pliable cloud of dust. The X-Men travel to Afghanistan to rescue Sooraya, whose abilities have made her the target of antagonists.

Born in Kandahar, Sooraya is attacked by a slave trader attempting to remove her traditional niqab; almost instinctively, she lashes out with her powers and flays him alive with her sand-like dust. The X-Men, hearing of the situation, travel to Afghanistan and rescue her, where she is brought to the United States and becomes a student of theXavier Institute for Higher Learning. After the actions of the Scarlet Witch(in which millions of mutants lost their powers), Sooraya remains one of the few mutants to keep their powers. She is currently a member of the Champions team.

Sooraya Qadir First appearance as ‘Dust’ in December 2002. Where as Kamal Khan’s first appearance in August 2013.

Instead of getting a Muslim girl, who deals with life in an ultra liberal society where religion is seen little more than a cumbersome relic of the past, where she must balance between keeping her faith (as Dust did) and regulating her emotions (as Dust did), Learning how to drive, dealing with racial microaggressions, especially when it concerns how she dresses. A lesson in multi cultural diversity instead what we are going to get. Seeing her turn to Allah (swt) in times of diversity and she struggles against her desires. Dust whos is an obviously observant Muslim, is also friends with another religious character, a Christian named Rahne Sinclair who has already been featured in films as Wolfsbane. Instead of showing the amazing dynamic of friendship that can exist between a practicing Muslim and a practicing Christian Hollywood took a pass. That Muslim is completely unrelatable. So instead of Hollywood taking on the challenge to humanize such a person and make her relatable instead we are going to get the desired face of Muslims.

Instead we are going to get a ‘Muslim’ (whatever that means), that deals with racial microaggressions, crushing on classmates, has super powers, doesn’t really need or depend upon Allah (swt), arguing with her overly strict parents, because you know those ‘stupid rules’, and learning how to drive.

What a real wasted opportunity by Hollywood. Especially considering that this Ms. Marvel is now the Third rendition of Ms. Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first Ms. Marvel which helped the Avengers against Thanos, and is part of the Kree Empire. Than we have Monica Rambeau, a major African American super heroine, who gets upstaged by Kamala Khan by being regulated to the Disney plus programs.

Victory for the Muslim community or victory for the liberal agenda.

Sorry Sooraya, your just not relatable enough for Hollywood.


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