Ibadi stance on Sahaba According to the Qur’an.

“That was a nation which has passed on. It will have what it earned, and you will have what you have earned. And you will not be asked about what they used to do.” (Qur’an 2:133-134)

“And those who came after them say: “Our Lord! Forgive us, and our brethren who came before us into the Faith, and leave not, in our hearts, rancor (or sense of injury) against those who have believed. Our Lord! You are indeed Full of Kindness, Most Merciful.” (Quran 59:10)

Shaykh Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Abdali (Hafidullah) shares with us what should be the stance of the Muslims, the People of the Truth and Steadfastness, in regards to the companions and those who have gone before us.

“The last thing, if your house is made of glass then don’t throw stones, because if you throw a stone from your glass house they may hit your house with an RPG!” -Shaykh  Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Abdali (hafidullah)

“This is an ummah which Allah (swt) cleansed our swords (and hands) from what went before it. Should we not cleanse our tongues from it?” -Shaykh  Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Abdali (hafidullah)

Who is really cursing and calling names?

One group says about some of the companions of the Blessed Messenger (saw) that they “Are the dogs of hellfire!” Another group says, “These are sinners and have disobeyed the order of Allah.”

In our books, the Ibadi we haven’t named someone as a dog from the dogs of Jahannam. Al hamdulllah! That Allah (swt) has purified our tongues from it. We do not say the sahabah/companions were all angels and saints. We tell the history.  

If Uthman, Muaviya or Ali sinned we call it what it is.  If they repented praise be to Allah (swt). If they do not repent their affair is with their Lord. But we stop at that. No need to start insulting people.

Hariz Bin Uthman is a giant among the Tabii. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal said about him , ‘Thiqah, Thiqah, Thiqah’. He is trustworthy three times!

Well, this Tabii Hariz Bin Uthman he used to curse Ali daily 140 times, and you’ll find that in Tahdhib al-Tahdhib. Ibn Hajar would narrate that this Hariz bin Uthman he would curse Ali 70 times in the morning and 70 times in the afternoon.

The hadith: Ali is to me like Aaron is to Moses.  Well what did this Hariz bin Uthman say about it?

“Isma’il bin Ayyash told us, “I heard Hariz bin Uthman saying: “This is what people narrate on the authority of the Prophet, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him. that he said to Ali that you are to me as Aaron was to Moses correct? , but the listener was wrong. “I said, so what is it? He said: “You are to me as Qarun was to Moses.”   

Than we have the teacher of Imam Bukhari: Abu’l Nu’maan

Abu’l Nu’maan is Muhammaed ibn al-Fadl also known as ‘Aarim.  Many Tariqah and Pro Alid people like this Shaykh because of his narrations concerning Tawassul.

Well, this Shaykh that they like. This Muhammad bin Al Fadl Sadoosi /Abu Nu’maan or ‘Aarim he said some horrible things about the mother of Ali bin Abu Talib!

Imam Al Thahabi did not like people to say such things.  We don’t like it either!

Shi’i sources claim that Ali bin Abu Talib in Nahjul Balagha called those companions who urged him against the arbitration as dogs!

So no one from Ahl Sunnah or from the Shi’i can come and make claims upon us. We don’t call companions dogs of hellfire! That is not in our books!

We only differ with the Ahl Sunnah in that our teachers tell us to hold our tongues concerning the companions. Nonetheless we will tell the history.  As for the Shi’i, it is virtually impossible for them to let go of these past events. It is what gives them relevance.  We have our own way of dealing with their claims.

May Allah (swt) open the eyes and hearts of this ummah. May Allah (swt) turns us to focus on the Qur’an and the Sunnah and deeds that are pleasing to Allah (swt).  Deeds such as helping the wayfarer, the needy, the oppressed, converts to the faith, the differently-abled, divorcees, and to invigorate life into the veins of this Ummah. To instill in the people the love for the Blessed Messenger (saw) and awe for our Glorious Creator!


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