Why the Ibadi School: Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah will continue to grow.

Converts to Islam will not be beholden to historical camps that intreat upon the convert taking the

We are not camp Ali or camp Muaviya.

For those

100% Qadiani/Ahmadi/Shia proof. Why?

Jesus is dead. We have no interest in a second coming of Jesus. We have no belief in the coming of a Mahdi. We believe that Ali made mistakes in his ijtihad.

We are diligent in observing the Sunnah both the inward (ihsan) aspects as well as the outward (fiqh) aspects. Keeping the beard, Praying the way the Blessed Messenger (saw) prayed.

We are the MOST strict of all existing schools of jurisprudence, Shafi’i/Neo-Salafi/Hanafi/Zaydi/Maliki/12er/Hanbali in accepting or attributing statements to the Blessed Messenger (saw).

This becomes evident by that which has been allowed to pass by all the previous schools.

The strongest and most consistent theological school. Not likening Allah (swt) to a human with body parts, nor the inconsistency found among the Ashari/Maturidi in their saying the Qur’an is uncreated ‘kalam an nafsi’, seeing Allah in the next life, holding believers to go to hell for periods of time.


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