Emory Andrew Tate snitches on himself

“O believers! Stand firm for justice as witnesses for Allah even if it is against yourselves, your parents, or close relatives. Be they rich or poor, Allah is best to ensure their interests. So do not let your desires cause you to deviate ˹from justice˺. If you distort the testimony or refuse to give it, then ˹know that˺ Allah is certainly All-Aware of what you do.” (Qur’an 4:135)

I came across this video of a lawyer from the United States and he was so brutal and so forthright with the truth that I just had to share this for those in our ummah whom are confused about this individual, Emory Andrew Tate.

What is telling is that this person absolutely has a cult following who do not want the masses of the people to determine for themselves the facts of this situation. This is evidence by the constant repost all over social media about Emory Andrew Tate and his brother being released from an earlier swat. This is to deceive the viewer into thinking that Emory and his brother are freed.

Before you watch this video that I am about to share with you I would encourage you not to play it in the Masjid, or in a public place like a bus or train station. You may also want to keep it away from small children. The lawyer does just about as much swearing as Emory Andrew Tate, so fans of Emory should have no issues there.

You are advised to skip the video from 8:35 to 8:50 as you are not missing anything relevant any way.

Yet, the lawyer does do a flash back of Emory Andrew Tate and some girls which is not appropriate.

Far from being a “Top G” Emory Andrew Tate is a blabber, a talker and in the hood, he would be known as a snitch.

You see people who are doing criminal activity usually want to go about things in a very quite manner and not tell the whole world what they are doing. Not, Emory though. Oh no, he is a talker, and he has the personality of the person who would rat out others should the heat come down on him. He is a talker for sure.


Emory mentioned he has had up to 75 different women working for him in four different locations.

1.)That he has fired a woman without paying wages due to her.

2) He destroys evidence and hides evidence, from law enforcement.

3) He has admitted to hiding and destroying things he would get arrested for.

4) He has admitted that the woman who work for him “Do not go out, they are not allowed out.”

5) @9:53 Emory Andrew Tate has admitted that one way he deals with women is to grab them by the neck and just start pounding them with his fist.

Is this something Muslim men would be proud of? This person is talking about someone’s daughter, someone’s sister.

At this point you have to wonder what kind of self respecting Muslim would respect a child who behaves like that? At this point I cannot even say a man.

6) Admitted to be a flight risk. “If I *uck up and England wants me in jail I could fly on a Nigerian passport, or an American, or an English, or a Polish or an Estonian. I have so many *#$@ing passports, what you going to block them all?

Listen to all the Emory Tate fan boys among the Muslims. If you think simping for a female is bad there is nothing worse than a guy simping for another guy! This has absolutely nothing to do with the matrix. The man said, “If I *uck up….” means he did something wrong!

That would be like me selling cocaine on the side and not telling you people what I was doing and when I get arrested I say, “oh the Matrix!” No, not the matrix, I was doing something illegal and got arrested for it!

7) He has admitted that he will evade justice, law enforcement and totally will not cooperate with the authorities.

This person Emory Andrew Tate is honestly speaking one of the most embarrassing, careless, and low IQ internet personalities out there! I guess those who signed up for ‘hustler university’ now realize they got hustled!

So here is the situation, Emory Andrew Tate is facing prosecution in Romania, and he is looking at Rape charges, Human trafficking’s charges, being part of illegal societies, connection to terrorist.

In the United States of America, if the feds take up this case, he is liable for prosecution by the federal government of the United States and he will be in a world of hurt at that point.

It is also telling that one of the individuals arrested along with Emory Tate was a former sub-inspector in the Romanian police.

Very shady individuals try to recruit ex police officers, and investigators into their illegal dealings, because those police, inspectors, investigators know the ins and outs of the law. Those dirty ex cops can help you to evade being caught.

You can guarantee if he was trying to involve a Romanian politician’s daughter into some lurid things, he is going to be doing some time in Romania, and than he will have the F.B.I to deal with.



This is in the video of the lawyer who is absolutely terrifying. This man was able to find Emory Andrew Tate self snitching in just searching up a few clips. It was effortless. Imagine the treasure trove of self snitching and other things that will come out once the FBI is on it.

No matrix folks, just good ‘ol fashion breaking the law and finally getting caught.

May Allah (swt) guide the Muslim men of this ummah away from redpill, migtow, and toxic masculinity. May Allah (swt) guide the Muslim women of this ummah away from feminism, and toxic feminism.

May Allah (swt) guide us all to a course that is just.


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3 responses to “Emory Andrew Tate snitches on himself

  1. Toby

    Well said Sir!! You are a voice of reason in the midst of this frankly rather bizarre affair.

    • Unfortunately, there are Muslims, a great many who are not balanced at all in this regards.

      I believe the red pill movement is the bastard child of feminism. It works hand in glove to destroy what is most precious of all, to humanity, THE FAMILY.

  2. Toby

    What truly intrigues me is why a person such as Andrew Tate has suddenly become at once so popular and simultaneously so divisive ? What social and political issues has caused his rise ?
    Additionally, despite his claim at being a ‘conservative’ and a ‘traditionalist’, his ideology has absolutely nothing to do with traditional conservatism or traditional masculinity. His concept of being ‘a man’ seems centred upon being promiscuous, materialistic and ill mannered (particularly worried given his popularity amongst early teenagers).
    These are not the virtues of a gentleman, since a gentleman is ideally supposed to cultivate stoicism, graciousness, kindness and dignity.
    For example, my 72 year old father, himself a decorated former Major in the Scots Guards and a veteran of both the Falklands War and the Afghan War, is both the most formidable man I know, and has always been an exemplar of kindness, gentleness and courteousness. Being ‘a man’ entails that one must pursue virtue, not materialism and pseudo fame.

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