Does the Qur’an disclose information of a miraculous scientific nature? Part 3


“Allah disdains not to use the similitude of things, lowest as well as highest. Those who believe know that it is truth from their Lord; but those who reject Faith say: “What means Allah by this similitude?” By it He causes many to stray, and by it many He leads into the right path; but He causes not to stray, except those who forsake (the path),-” (Qu’ran 2:26)

Recently when I published  part 1 of this series one of the visitors to Prima-Qur’an brought the following to my attention.

“Wonderful brother. Looking forward to the next part. I do think there are references to what might be called ‘scientific’ however, the whole ‘scientific miracle’ thing is overblown.

Another proponent of this was Hamza tzortzis. He however has since renounced (I post the link as it is not against the theme of the article)”

I am thankful to brother Ammar for this link.  Indeed Hamza Tzortzis renunciation of Bucailleism is very insightful.

Brother Hamza Tzortzis had made some of the following remarks in his article:

“This movement has classical and modern origins. The Islamic classical scholarly tradition was engaged in a debate as to whether to use science as an exegetical tool to explain the Qur’ānic verses. However, it was during the eighties that the apologetic expression of this movement was born. I would argue there are two main events that facilitated the emergence of this movement. The first was the publishing of the book Bible, the Qur’ān and Science in 1976 written by Dr. Maurice Bucaille, and the second was the 1980s video This is The Truth produced by the Islamic scholar Abdul-Majeed al-Zindani. Dr Bucaille’s book argued that there were no scientific errors in the Qur’ān and that the Bible was full of scientific inaccuracies. Dr. Bucaille’s book became a best seller in the Muslim world and it was translated into many languages. Even though the book has faced academic criticism[2], it is still a popular read and used as a reference for Islamic apologetics and proselytisation.

The Islamic Scholar Abdul-Majeed al-Zindani, founder of the Commission on Scientific Signs in the Qur’ān and Sunnah, produced a video entitled This is the Truth. Al-Zindani invited prominent Western academics to attend one of their conferences. During the conference al-Zindani claimed that a group of eminent non-Muslim scholars in several fields testified to the fact that there were scientific miracles in the Qur’ān. However, theCommission received criticism that it had spread out of context and misleading statements to justify its narrative.[3] Relatively recently an Atheist video blogger and commentator personally contacted some of the scientists who had attended the conference and conducted interviews with them. The interviews were recorded and uploaded on YouTube. All of the scientists he interviewed claimed that their statements had been taken out of context, and that there is nothing miraculous about the scientific statements in the Qur’ānic discourse.[4]”

The references for the curious are to the following:

This is the link to the Wall Street Journal article here:

This is the video of Alfred Kroner here:

This is very disturbing.   Imagine if you will that I proposed to a public symposium.  I proposed that the discussion would be .  ‘Historical Fact: Did Jesus die on the Cross?‘   Yet when you arrived all I did was talk about the latest finds in astrophysics.  I am sure you would be a bit taken a back.

In other words Mr. Kroner is telling us that scientist were brought to this conference under false pretense.

That is simply not acceptable.

That the Saudis in conjunction with many daw’ah ( so called missionary organizations) did this is really not surprising.

When I was in Manama Bahrain  I attended a conference on A.T.M.T  (Awareness Through Mosque Tour).   One brother from Saudi Arabia showed me on his computer ‘hundreds of workers from China embracing Islam.’   To be honest with you I was really appalled.  The men in the video could hardly pronounce the words of the testimony of faith, which led me to believe that they also did not really understand what they were getting themselves into.

Big elaborate parties and ceremonies were held where the men were paraded on stage.  They all tried to pronounce the statements and were all given some gifts.  Now I could be greatly mistaken but nothing in the videos he showed me led me to conclude that these men were making an informed decision to embrace Islam.

If Dr. Alfred Kroner is reading this I simply want to say on behalf of the Muslim community, truth seekers every where and in particular those who embody the Prima-Qur’an approach. “Thank you respected Dr. Alfred Kroner!”

I would also strongly encourage anyone else who partook in this conference to come out and denounce the deception that was done in the name of science and also in the name of my faith tradition!

It is simply put, disingenuous.

Another gentleman  Allison (Pete) Palmer can be seen in his interview here:

Mr. Palmer says in the video above:

My stuff was pretty much peripheral because I didn’t really have anything that they could hang a case on.” (19:11 minutes into the video)

I never, never to my knowledge believed that this had a divine origin. It had a rational human origin.” (22:26 minutes into the video)

Also keep in mind that Mr. Palmer does not understand Arabic.  He had no way of knowing the various ways in which certain verses of the Qur’an could be translated.  In other words he primarily relied upon the perceived graciousness of his host.

As well as the statement from the Wall Street Journal here:

“Similar prodding failed to sway geologist Allison “Pete” Palmer, who was working for the Geological Society of America. He stuck to his position that Muhammad could have gleaned his science from Middle Eastern oral history, not revelation. On one video, Mr. Zindani acknowledges that Mr. Palmer still needs “someone to point the truth out to him,” but contends that the geologist was “astonished” by the accuracy of the Quran. Mr. Palmer says that’s an overstatement. Still, he has fond memories of Mr. Zindani, whom he calls “just a lovely guy.” He and the other American scientists say they had no idea of Mr. Zindani’s ties to Mr. bin Laden. And in any case the U.S. didn’t regard Mr. bin Laden as an outlaw at that time.”

The next video here interviews William Hay whom also was misrepresented.

Concerning waves of darkness mentioned in the Qur’an

Mr. William Hay says,

But actually there is knowledge of these that goes back a long long way, the Vikings knew about them and so on.” (5:05 minutes into the video)

In the video 6:48 minutes we find:

The gentleman doing the interview reads from some annotated foot notes in a copy of the Qur’an that he has:

And when he was asked about the source of the Qur’an, he replied, ‘Well, I would think it must be the divine being.'”

The interviewer ask Dr. William Hay, “So are you saying that that must be a misrepresentation?

To which Dr. William Hay replies: “That’s a misrepresentation.”

In the conclusion of the interview Dr. William Hay thought that the conference was going to be a way to make it smoother for scientist coming from the West to be able to live and work in the Muslim world.  With the possibility to be informed on Muslim cultural sensitives.  However, he makes it clear that he felt he was lured there under false premises and false pretense!

Again, a dark day for us as Muslims if these are the tactics that we need to employ to get people to embrace Islam.

He is quoted by the Wall Street Journal here:

Marine scientist William Hay, then at the University of Colorado, was assigned a passage likening the minds of unbelievers to “the darkness in a deep sea … covered by waves, above which are waves.” As the videotape rolled, Mr. Zindani pressed Prof. Hay to admit that Muhammad couldn’t have known about internal waves caused by varying densities in ocean depths. When Prof. Hay suggested Muhammad could have learned about the phenomenon from sailors, Mr. Zindani insisted that the prophet never visited a seaport.

Prof. Hay, a Methodist, says he then raised other hypotheses that Mr. Zindani also dismissed. Finally, Prof. Hay conceded that the inspiration for the reference to internal waves “must be the divine being,” a statement now trumpeted on Islamic Web sites.

I fell into that trap and then warned other people to watch out for it,” says Prof. Hay, now at a German marine institute.”

In other words Professor William Hay was saying that a person would have to absolutely preclude other possibilities before you could state for certain that it was knowledge from a divine being.  Than and only than after doing such could you conclude:

must be the divine being.”

The next interview is with Professor Thomas Armstrong (Professor of Astronomy and Physics)


Reconfirm your faith through dishonest tactics and quoting people out of context? ? ? < link to out of context statements of respected gentleman.

Sadly while I was volunteering at Singapore Sultan Mosque I gave the following book out to hundreds if not thousands of tourist who visited.  I regret doing such not knowing the facts about what the respected scientist have said.  < link to more out of context statements of the respected gentleman.

May Allah (swt) forgive me for transmitting any information that was misleading and inaccurate.  I hope that those whom I had given such publications to learn the truth. I also hope that this does not dissuade them from Islam, but that they realize there are people who are dishonest in all faith traditions.

This does not reflect upon the tradition but rather the individuals themselves.

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