The Friday Sermon attended by Imam Malik ibn Anas. The Khatib, an Ibadi.

“Rise up and deliver the warning.” (Qur’an 74:2)

After the Muslims, the People of the Truth and Steadfastness had captured Mecca and Medina the following Khutbah was given.

Abu Hamza al-Mukhtar bin Awf al-Uzdy al-Umany. Also known as Abu Hamza al-Shari. One of the prominent Ibadhi’s of Basra. The sermon was delivered in Medina in the presence of Imam Malik ibn Anas:

I counsel you in fear of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (Blessings and peace be upon him) and to observe the ties of blood, and magnify the truth of Allah which tyrants have diminished, and to diminish the falsehood they have magnified, to put to death the injustice they have brought to life, and to revivify laws they have let die; to obey Allah and to those who obey Him, disobey others in obedience to Him, for there is no obeying a creature which disobeys its Creator. We call you to the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His Prophet, and to equal sharing, and to justice for the subject peoples and to putting the fifth of the booty in the place Allah ordained for them. As for us, we have not taken arms lightly or frivolously, for play or amusement, or for a change of government on which we hope to immerse ourselves, or for the revenge that was taken from us; but we did it when we saw the earth had grown wicked, and proofs of tyranny had appeared, and religious propagandist increased, but men did as the pleased, and laws were neglected, and the just were put to death, and speakers of truth treated violently, and we heard a herald calling us to Truth and the straight Path, so we answered the summoner of Allah…And by His grace we became brethren.

“O people of Medina! Children of the Muhajirin and the Ansar! How sound are your roots, and how rotten are your branches! Your fathers were men of certainty and religious knowledge and you are a people of error and ignorance. For Allah opened the door of religion for you, and you (let it grow choked with rubbish); He locked the door of this world for you and you forced it open; hasty to temptation and laggards in the way of the Prophet; blind to the demonstration of Truth and deaf to knowledge; slaves of greed and allies of affliction! How excellent was the legacy your fathers left, had you preserved it, and how miserable will be that of your children if you hold on to it! Them He aided to the Truth you He deserts in error. Your ancestors were few and pious, and you are many and malicious. The preachers of the Qur’an cry out to you, and you are not chidden’ they warn you, and you do not ponder!

(Islam by John A. Williams (London & New York 1961 pp 215-217)


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