The school of the Muslims, Ahl Al Haqq Wal Istiqamah (World Wide)

“Today those who disbelieve have lost all hope of (damaging) your faith. So, do not fear them, and fear Me. Today, I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed My blessing upon you, and chosen Islam as Dīn (religion and a way of life) for you.” (Qur’an 5:3)

“It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance the true world view to manifest over all other world views, although the those who associate others with Allah detest it.” (Qur’an 9:33)

All praise be to Allah (swt) more and more people in the Muslim community are having their eyes opened by Allah (swt).

The Muslims, are the people of truth and righteousness in Russia and Kazakhstan, and I choose among them the preachers, the first of whom is the political analyst Kirill, and the second is our companion Vladimir, and with him is Murad who is the owner of a school in Kazakhstan, and the preacher is Ashir, and they are Ibadhis for a long time and are promising new followers of the truth there.
Ibadism Ahul Alistiqamh in Russia and Khazakhstan. More and more people following Istiqamah in Russia, Khazakhstan, and other parts of central Asia.

The Muslims, are the people of truth and integrity in Ghana and Mali. There is a video of them on their YouTube channel and You can find a link on the account page. The Istiqamah community is growing rapidly there. They are under the leadership of the noble Shaykh Umar.


The Ibadites are the people of truth and righteousness in Algeria. We would like to mention that the Berbers (the people of North Africa) were the first to accept the Ibadi sect in North Africa, and they formed a sprawling Ibadi state called the Rustumiya State. They are Ibadis in the Maghreb, men and scholars. There is growth and revival among the school in Algeria. The Algerian people respect them in general as people who are upright in religion and steadfast upon the deen.

Zanzibar & Tanzania. Ibadis are the people of truth and integrity in Tanzania Zanzibar, we are limited to mentioning the most famous institute in Tanzania, which is the Institute of Integrity in Tango, and as you know Ibadites spread in all parts of Zanzibar and various regions of Tanzania. The school is growing once again. Those who are entering the school from other schools are those from the Shafi’i madhab and those who proclaimed Salafi Manhaj. Not to mention those who are from the Non Muslims who come to Islam upon this way.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the honorable and noble teacher, Caller to the Truth, Shaykh Khamis Kwaheri. He was beloved by the people and tireless in the effort of dawah. Allah (swt) called him home. A beautiful Nasheed in his honour!

Ibadis are the people of truth and righteousness in Bangladesh, (and they are guided by Shaykh Saif al-Islam) In the picture below, there is a video attached to his school in a next tweet…

Sudan. The Ibadis are the people of truth and integrity from Sudan, I will only mention the shaykhs, including Shaykh Al-Balqiah, who is a preacher and influenced by Shaykh Ja’id Al-Kharousi, may Allah have mercy on him. . May Allah protect them and bless them both!


The Ibadites are the people of truth and righteousness in France, and Shaykh Kahlan Al-Kharusi has visits to France. You can find them on YouTube. We mention the deceased preacher Shaykh Muhammad Qaras (raheemullah) sitting next to the left Shaykh Kahlan. The Istiqamah community is growing in France. Interestingly communities that may have not interacted in Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco interact more freely in France. This has generated lots of interest in the school. There is an abundance of literature in French and Arabic.


Nafusa and Zuwara region is where you find most of the Muslims, the People of the The Truth and Steadfastness. They have a long history in Libya. You should also know that the Ibadi school is working with the Amazigh people to thwart the attempts by outsiders to foment ethnic strife and tension between Arabs, Amazigh and others. The French tried their colonization methods and now they are trying a different more subversive approach. We will be there to stop them.


The Ibadis, the people of truth and righteousness in Kenya. Islam spread throughout the countries of East Africa with the people of truth and righteousness, until the call withered with the arrival of foreign sectarian currents backed by money and men, to lead them where they desired and forget the truth, and only a few Omani and African tribes remained that cling to the truth. That is changing today. As the call has been revived and more material and information is available in Swahili and Arabic the Istiqamah school is once again growing. Al hamdulillah!

Thailand. A very touching audio clip explaining the story behind the first Istiqamah school in Thailand. Interesting that the former Mufti suggested to the young Shaykh how to navigate the chaos currently going in the Muslim world.


Ibadis are the people of truth and righteousness in Uganda, the mother of the great Nile River, including Dr. Ashraf, who is the director of the Abu Ubaidah Muslim bin Abi Karima School (the second imam), and dozens of seasoned preachers and memorizers of the Noble Qur’an graduate annually on his hands, then spread in villages and neighboring countries in order to invite the people to the truth. Dr. Ashraf is a very beautiful soul who gives of himself tirelessly, both as a medical professional and in the director of his school. He has personally suffered under the hands of militant Christians and those who have tried to shut down the school.


The Ibadis are the people of truth and integrity in Tunisia. Djerba is one of the authentic lands that embraced and stuck to the Ibadi school over time, and among them is mentioned Shaykh Farhat Al-Jaberi, may Allah protect him and keep him, and he has many books, and this is a brief photo of them. Farhat al-Jaberi appears to the left of Shaykh Ahmed al-Siyabi.


The Ibadites are the people of truth and righteousness in Nigeria, and one of their elders was Shaykh Al-Bruni – may Allah have mercy on him – who learned in Zanzibar, and the virtuous professor Othman Al-Qoni has an active hand in the call, and our companion, the translator of the shaykhs’ lectures from Arabic into English Ahmed was studying in Saudi Arabia, and Shaykh Dr. Takoh informed us of what was happening. Al hamduillah.

United States and the United Kingdom, where our brothers are coming to the path of Ahl Al Haqq Wal Istiqamah. In the United Kingdom there is an Masjid established there. May Allah (swt) continue to open the eyes and the hearts to the truth!

There are many hundreds more every day that Allah (swt) is opening their eyes and their hearts to the truth. Brothers and sisters from Germany, Burkina Faso, Palestine, South Korea, Canada, Trinidad, Brazil, Croatia, Bosnia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and not to mention the revival that is happening among the Freemen (Amazigh)

The Muslims, The People of the Truth and Steadfastness you will not find us among the conflicts among the Muslims today. You will not find us among the sectarian strife today. We are not invested in what happened among the companions 1400 years ago. Nor are we beholden to them. We are not an apocalyptical school hanging on the future musings of salvific figures who may never come. We are people of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Islam is not found in the books it is found in communities.






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