May Allah grant victory to Ergodan and Turkey

“The Jews will never be pleased with you, nor will the Christians, unless you follow their faith. Say: “Guidance of Allah is, indeed, the guidance.” Were you to follow their desires despite the knowledge that has come to you, there shall be no friend for you against Allah, nor a helper.” (Qur’an 2:120)

Al hamdulillah, for a good brother and friend of mine who is a Turkish brother upon the school of the Muslims, Al Haqq Wal Istiqama.

This brother has real love for the ummah of Muhammed (saw) and for his fellow Muslims. As he told me he doesn’t support Ergodan in everything nor does he support everything that Turkey does.

Yet, the opposition to Ergodan are some ultra-nationalist with a very dark agenda for Muslims and a deep seated hate for Arabs, Syrians in particular, Asians, Africans you name it.

For example the main opposition CHP Chairman has promised to send 2 million Syrian refugees back to Syria!

May Allah (swt) give victory to Ergodan. The opposition wanting to send 2 million people to Idlib and to the “mercy” of Assad is not good.

By the way Ergodan did much good to advance the issues surrounding the Kurdish people. The head of the Turkey’s intelligence agency, Hakan Fidan is Kurdish. Turkey is close to the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq. Even those Iraqi Kurds are not hot on the PKK.

Deporting 2 million Syrian refugees would be a wake up call for leftist and liberals in the West.

Because if Alevis, leftist and liberals and others are supportive of this, than on what ground do they have to be against any nationalist party’s attempt to curb immigration any where else? For example they wouldn’t have much of a leg to stand on against someone like a Trump or DeSantis.

If communist support Erdogan’s rival’s that should tell you they have some over lapping interesting!

An Al Jazeera reporter was accosted simply for speaking Arabic!

Look at what Turkey has had to deal with in the last 10 years or so?

The conflict with Syria and the refugee challenge. Keeping ISIS from spreading to Turkey.

Turkey doing their level best to tolerate the U.S arming the Kurds while navigating the situation.

They recently had some of the most horrific earthquakes in recent history. May Allah (swt) help them. Also, think of of the flood of donations and the outpouring of love from all over the Muslim world for our brothers and sisters there!

Turkey is impacted by the Ukraine-Russia conflict and it is doing it’s best to navigate that tumultuous situation.

Turkey under Ergodan is doing it’s level best to navigate the situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Turkey under Ergodan has been showing unwavering support for Palestinians and the Palestinian people.

Turkey under Ergodan sent troops to Qatar to help with security during the world cup

Also, Turkey deployed soldiers to Qatar, when Saudi Arabia and U.A.E was leading a boycott of the country. Just in case Saudi Arabia had any venturous ideas for that oil rich nation. Turkey under Ergodan deployed troops to protect the sovereignty and national interest of Qatar and the people of Qatar.

Turkey under Ergodan denounced the burning of the Qur’an in Sweden and put tremendous pressure upon Sweden to look into the matter.

Turkey under the leadership of Ergodan had apologized for the Dersim massacres. However, as he correctly pointed out that massacre happened under the watch and administration of the secular and Kemalist CHP.

This does not mean everything Ergodan does is correct. It also does not mean that Turkey is is correct in all of it’s policy decisions.

Yet think about this. Any Muslim majority country which has a leader that had to deal with coup on 15 July 2016 should tell you all you need to know as a Muslim what the West thinks about that person.

Ergodan has also done his level best to address challenges that the Alevi-Bektashi culture
and Alevi citizens face in Turkey.

Kilicdaroglu is an Alevi, and his CHP (Republican People’s Party) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu
is known for supporting the Syrian government, and Bashar al-Asad. The sectarian ties between the two
are apparent for those with eyes to see. This is important as it is possible that an estimated percent of around 20% of the population in Turkey identify themselves as Alevi.

Alevism would be seen as by the scholars of the Ibadi school as another religion than Islam. They do not pray in Mosque as Ali was killed in a Mosque. The woman do not cover their hair, and they are known to drink alcohol and do not fast in Ramadan.

In fact now that I think about it when I often hear from Muslims who travel to Turkey, Istanbul in particular and come back to inform me about how shocked they are by the lack of religious observance they are most likely describing these Alevis -without realizing that though, many Sunni Muslims likely indulge in the same, it is less characteristic of their community. Their communities are highly secular and very supportive of the Jewish Donmeh orchestrated Young Turk movement; which eventually led to the abolishment of the Ottoman Caliphate.

So if you see Shi’i who are not keen on the success of Ergodan there should be no surprises there.

There are Shi’i with incredibly darkened hearts that want to see the failure of any form of Sunni led government. Just as there are Sunni with incredibly dark hearts that want to see the failure of any form of Shi’a led governments. May Allah (swt) place great distance between myself and such individuals.

There are allegations that if Kemal Kilicdaroglu were to come to power they would restrict the Diyanet (Directorate of Religious Affairs) In Turkey.

May Allah (swt) protect the people of Turkey, and if Ergodan and his party wins may Allah (swt) continue to give them good stewardship over the nation and people.

If they do not win perhaps it would be time for some soul searching among the great people of Turkey and time for them to decide if the tenuous marriage of Alevis and Sunni’s is good for their future.

Allah (swt) knows best.


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2 responses to “May Allah grant victory to Ergodan and Turkey

  1. Mamon

    Assalam Allykum, thank you so much for your brief update about the elections in Turkey.
    You mentioned few enemies to Ergodan who want to see him failing. I was wondering what you think about the Saudi’s and UAE position on the situation?

    • Walakum salam warahmatullah wabaraktuh.

      Those two countries are in a complicated relationship with Turkey. However, the opposition to Ergodan is not good news for either of the two counties either.

      Hopefully they will all work together inshAllah.

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