Dr. Jonathan Brown.

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem,

This page will show the links on Prima Qur’an  and else where in regards to Professor Jonathan Brown.

After having some exchanges with Professor Jonathan Brown I find him to be delphic.  It can be very challenging to decipher his motives and when asked point blank questions he will either not answer or act enigmatic.

However, in fairness I will give the link to his web site. He will be quoted ad verbatim and links to his talks and publications will be given. You the reader can decide if Professor Brown is enigmatic. You make your own decision.

For those interested this is the link to the professors web site: http://www.drjonathanbrown.com/tag/hadith


A highly recommended entry!

Professor Jonathan Brown is a favourite of Salafi Muslims.  Yet here we have him admitting to all and sundry that we cannot be sure that we have the actual uttering of the Prophet!

A very interesting and eye opening exchange took place between the good Dr. Jonathan Brown and a member of the audience.  This is my typed transcript of the conversation.

Question to Dr. Jonathan Brown: “How can we be sure that we have the actual uttering of the Prophet?”

Dr. Jonathan Brown responds…. “You can’t!

Don’t miss it! Click the link below to find out more!


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My review of Dr. Jonathan Brown’s book ‘Hadith Muhameds Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World‘. I gave it 10/10 stars! Read and find out why!

Often times we think of our shaykhs and scholars of people of exemplary piety.  In this book by Dr. Jonathan Brown the Shaykh of Imam Bukhari was cited as calling anyone who critiqued a companion ‘a sucker of his mother’s clitoris’.  This foul language by one of Sunni Islam’s most erudite scholars should give us pause.

Check our my review below!!



Professor Jonathan Brown is not sure if Muslims should be skeptical or not.  On the one hand he almost equates doubt and skepticism with a dark spiritual state.  However, in another video Professor Jonathan Brown says that Muslims should be skeptical!

As Master Yoda might say:  “I sense a great deal of confusion in you Young Brown!”

A very interesting response to this by Lesley Hazleton! She has two degrees in psychology (B.A. Manchester University, M.A. Hebrew University of Jerusalem)  So the esteemed academic Lesley Hzleton approaches this from the vantage point of psychology.  Many sweeping generalizations and gross misrepresentations of doubt by Dr. Jonathan Brown.

Read below and see my commentary on the videos!



We analyse the text of the hadith that states that our Blessed Messenger (saw) had intimacy with a 9 year old little girl.   We analyse this and look at points possibly not looked into by Professor Brown himself. Particularly troubling was Jonathan Brown’s curt response to Adam Deen with the words “Why are you so bothered by this?”  Many people are bothered by the idea of a 50 plus year old man having intimate relations with a 9 year old girl.  We are also troubled by the precedent this sets for latter generations of Muslims.  This is especially true when our Blessed Messenger (saw) is hailed as a moral example for ‘all times’.

You can see us take a part Jonathan Brown’s cultural justification for this hadith.


Jonathan Brown gives you the single greatest argument against ISIS


Dr. Jonathan Brown (Al Waleed Bin Talal) Brown’s progressive liberal bent.

(Discussion between myself and Dr. Jonathan Brown) on social media.


2 responses to “Dr. Jonathan Brown.

  1. Mohd Adeeb

    Assalam alaykum WR WB . Can you post about Theological roots of Islamic terrorism. I believe that US invasions, Disbanded members of Iraq military and Salafi teachings ,all are responsible for the creation of ISIS . Most of the scholars just Discredit ISIS by saying they’re not muslim and they’re not following Islamic teachings but there is lack of criticism of ISIS’s Theology and interpretations .

    • walakum salam wr wb, dear respected brother insh’Allah I will try and do as such. If I fail to forget please remind me (primaquran@gmail.com). ISIS views and teachings are unfortunately in line with many things that the traditionalist teach. That is the truth in short. However, if you would like to see or read about a refutation of ISIS. There is one done by Shaykh Muhammed Al Yacqoubi.

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