Robust Jurisprudence

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem, With the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

“He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding.” (Qur’an 2:269)

And let the People of the Gospel judge by what Allah has revealed therein. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed – then it is those who are the defiantly disobedient.  (Qur’an 5:47)

As salamu ‘alikum warahmutallahi wabarakuth (May the Peace, Mercy of Allah and Blessings descend upon you in tranquility). This page will show juristic views of the Muslims, the People of the Truth and Steadfastness. You will see dear reader why we are the school that is Prima-Qur’an. Qur’an as the primary source.

Abrogation in the Qur’an a false doctrine?

Is Abrogation of the Qur’an a false doctrine?

On the issue of terrorism. Which school provides the stronger theological deterrent?

Suicide and (Homicide) Bombing: Ibadi view and the Sunni view. Which is the stronger deterrent?

The Muslims, The People of The Truth and Steadfastness follow the Blessed Sunnah in prayer. 

The Ibadhi’s follow the blessed Sunnah of opening the hands in the prayer.

Clarity from obfuscation: Where to place the hands in the prayer?

Clarity from Obfuscation: Where to place the hands in the prayer?

Stoning for Adultery.  

Marriage of Fornicators.  

Adultery and Post Fornication Marriages: Are they Valid or Null?

Adultery and Post Fornication Marriages

Did Imam Shafi’i say you could marry your own daughter?

Did Imam Al-Shafi’i say you could marry your own daughter?

Why are Muslims preferring to Marry Jews and Christians when so many Muslim women are available.

Ibadi school position on marrying Ahl Kitab.

Praying behind those who do the Qunut in the Salah. 

The Ibadi school attacked for saying it’s haram to eat goat penis.

The Muslims, the Ibadi school are attacked for saying it’s haram to eat a Goat penis.

Blowing on Knots. In a world of witchcraft and magic the Muslim marriages need to be safeguarded.

The hypocrisy of bid’i talaq: Innovated Divorce that has separated many Muslim couples.

The hypocrisy of Bid’i Talaq Innovated Divorces weighed against the wisdom of the Qur’an

The warning of wearing garments below the ankles.

Hadith of Isbaal (Wearing garments below the ankles).

Salafi Shaykh: Saleh Al Uthaymeen and his controversial Beer drinking fatwa.

Salafi Shaykh Saleh Al Uthaymeen and his controversial Beer drinking fatwa.

Timothy J Winters: Not transparent on apostasy laws?

Hamza Yusuf: his take on the apostasy laws.

Dogs are pure in Islam: According to the Holy Qur’an.

Preserving the Freedom of Faith: The Issue of Apostasy by Uztaz Abdullah Hamid Ali.

What about this issue of scholarly consensus? Between Use & Misuse.

Does the Qur’an support marriage to babies, infants and toddlers?

Hanafi Imam admits: Complete Salah-prayer based only on sahih hadith is impossible for Sunni Muslims.

Hujjat Al Islam Imam Al Ghazzali: The Dangers of Taqlid.

Salafi-Deobandi Shaykh Saleh Al Uthaymeen: You can drink 3% Beer.

Salafi Shaykh Saleh Al Uthaymeen and his controversial Beer drinking fatwa.

Dastardly Bow Licking Dogs: Thought process of some Muslims.

Dastardly Bowl Licking Dogs and The Thought Process of Some Muslims

Salafi Preachers Bilal Philips, and Assim al Hakeem lie about Imam Malik and the prayer.

Salafis Bilal Philips and Assim al Hakeem lie about Imam Malik and the prayer.

Salafi Shaykh Assim Al-Hakeem: “You can pray with arms to the side.”

Salafi Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem”You can pray with arms to the side.”