The Age of Aisha and the Highly Detailed Qur’an?

“Indeed, those who came with falsehood are a group among you. Do not think it bad for you; rather it is good for you. For every person among them is what he has earned from the sin, and he who took upon himself the greater portion thereof – for him is a great punishment. Why, when you heard it, did not the believing men and believing women think good of one another and say, “This is an obvious falsehood”? Why did they not produce for it four witnesses? And when they do not produce the witnesses, then it is they, in the sight of Allah, who are the liars. And if it had not been for the favor of Allah upon you and His mercy in this world and the Hereafter, you would have been touched for that in which you were involved by a great punishment. When one tongue received it from another and you uttered with your mouths something /that you knew nothing about. You deemed it to be a trifle while in the sight of Allah it was a serious matter. And why, no sooner than you had heard it, did you not say: “It becomes us not even to utter such a thing? Holy are You! This is a great slander.” Allah admonishes you: If you are true believers, never repeat the like of what you did. Allah makes clear to you his verses. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.” (Qur’an 1-18)

From the perspective of the Qur’an Only Religion all one can say is that something happened, to someone, somewhere. There are many many details that are left out of this passage alone, let other parts of the Qur’an.

Who are those  who came with falsehood? Qur’an answer: irrelevant.

What as the nature  of the falsehood/allegation? Qur’an answer: irrelevant.

We can only assume based upon the key phrase “Why did they not produce for it four witnesses?” That someone, somewhere, accused somebody of either adultery/fornication. That is the best we can surmise from the text. Interestingly this section ends with “Allah makes clear to you his verses.”

So recently a follower of the Qur’an Only Religion who goes by the moniker of “The British Muslim” decided that the Qur’an just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to clarifying the age of Aisha (r.a). So he decided to make this video: 

So instead of going to the text that he felt “left nothing out” and is “highly detailed” he went to extraneous sources to satisfy his curiosity. However, this is inconsistent to the methodology of the Qur’an Only Religion. the Qur’an Only Religion teaches us that all we need is the Qur’an, the whole Qur’an, and nothing but the Qur’an.  Even though for some odd reason Allah (swt) associated himself with a human being my name the name of Muhammed (saw) and used him as a vehicle to convey his message, even though Allah (swt) states clearly he could have done otherwise.

Yet for some reason(in the warped thinking of the Qur’an Only community)  having the divine speech pass through the vehicle of a human being is not shirk (associating a partner with Allah). 

In reality the position of the Qur’an Religion in regards to Aisha (r.a) is this:  Aisha who? Who is she? Why does she even matter? She doesn’t. The Qur’an does not mention her at all. All we know is that some guy named Muhammed (saw) received the Qur’an. There is no mention of his last name or his father’s name. Nothing. It’s just Muhammed, nothing more and nothing less. 

The truth of the matter is that from a Qur’an Only perspective it does not give a specific appropriate age for getting married. This has been made abundantly clear is this article:   

In this article I was interacting with the material from a member of the Qur’an Only Religion that goes by the pseudonym ‘Joseph Islam’ and perhaps he was uncomfortable with the vary obvious fact that Allah (swt) decreed that WOMEN start ovulating at 11 and 12 and can conceive children.  You may be interested in seeing my conversation with a member of the Qur’an Only Religion. Even he acknowledged that the Qur’an doesn’t stipulate an age for marriage. However, he had tried in his own way to force the Qur’an to say what he felt was the appropriate age for marriage. 

You the discerning reader be the judge.


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  1. Imran

    Salaam dear brother! I hope you are doing well In sha Allah. Are there any Ibadhi narrations that state the age of Aisha when she was married to the Blessed Prophet (S)?

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