Hadith: Do not revile/curse my companions

“Or were you witnesses when death approached Jacob, when he said to his sons, “What will you worship after me?” They said, “We will worship your God and the God of your fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac – one God. And we are Muslims [in submission] to Him.”

“That was a nation which has passed on. It will have what it earned, and you will have what you have earned. And you will not be asked about what they used to do.” (Qur’an 2:133-134)

Or do you say that Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Descendants were Jews or Christians? Say, “Are you more knowing or is Allah ?” And who is more unjust than one who conceals a testimony he has from Allah? And Allah is not unaware of what you do That is a nation that has passed on. It will have what it earned, and you will have what you have earned. And you will not be asked about what they used to do. Those are people who have passed away; theirs is that which they earned and yours that which ye earn. And ye will not be asked of what they used to do(Qur’an 2:140-141)

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (saw) as saying:

Do not revile my Companions, do not revile my Companions. By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if one amongst you would have spent as much gold as Uhud it would not amount to as much as one much on behalf of one of them or half of it.”

Source: (https://sunnah.com/muslim:2540)

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet (saw) said, “Some of my companions will come to me at my Lake Fount, and after I recognize them, they will then be taken away from me, whereupon I will say, ‘My companions!’ Then it will be said, ‘You do not know what they innovated (new things) in the religion after you.”

Source: (https://sunnah.com/bukhari:6582)

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (saw) came to a graveyard and greeted (its occupants) with Salam, then he said:

“Peace be upon you, abode of believing people. We will join you soon, if Allah wills.” Then he said: “Would that we could see our brothers.” They said: “O Messenger of Allah, are we not your brothers?” He said: “You are my Companions. My brothers are those who will come after me. I will reach the Cistern ahead of you.” They said: “O Messenger of Allah, how will you recognize those of your nation who have not yet come?” He said: “If a man has a horse with a blaze on its forehead and white feet, don’t you think that he will recognize it among horses that are deep black in color?” They said: “Of course.” He said: “On the Day of Resurrection they will come with radiant faces, hands, and feet, because of the traces of ablution.” He said: “I will reach the Cistern ahead of you.” Then he said: “Men will be driven away from my Cistern just as stray camels are driven away. And I will call to them: ‘Come here!’ But it will be said: ‘They changed after you were gone, and they kept turning on their heels.’ So I will say: “Be off with you!

Source: (https://sunnah.com/ibnmajah:4306)

Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah:

We were in a Ghazwa and a man from the emigrants kicked an Ansari (on the buttocks with his foot). The Ansari man said, “O the Ansari! (Help!)” The emigrant said, “O the emigrants! (Help).” When Allah’s Messenger (saw) heard that, he said, “What is that?” They said, “A man from the emigrants kicked a man from the Ansar (on the buttocks his foot). On that the Ansar said, ‘O the Ansar!’ and the emigrant said, ‘O the emigrants!” The Prophet (saw) said’ “Leave it (that call) for it Is a detestable thing.” The number of Ansar was larger (than that of the emigrants) at the time when the Prophet (saw) came to Medina, but later the number of emigrants increased. `Abdullah bin Ubai said, “Have they, (the emigrants) done so? By Allah, if we return to Medina, surely, the more honorable will expel therefrom the meaner,” `Umar bin Al-Khattab said, “O Allah’s Messenger (saw)! Let me chop off the head of this hypocrite!” The Prophet said, “Leave him, lest the people say Muhammad kills his companions:”

Source: (https://sunnah.com/bukhari:4907)

Narrated Ibn `Umar:

The Prophet (saw) sent (an army unit under the command of) Khalid bin Al-Walid to fight against the tribe of Bani Jadhima and those people could not express themselves by saying, “Aslamna,” but they said, “Saba’na! Saba’na! ” Khalid kept on killing some of them and taking some others as captives, and he gave a captive to everyone of us and ordered everyone of us to kill his captive. I said, “By Allah, I shall not kill my captive and none of my companions shall kill his captive!” Then we mentioned that to the Prophet (saw) and he said, “O Allah! I am free from what Khalid bin Al-Walid has done,” and repeated it twice.

Source: (https://sunnah.com/bukhari:7189)

It has been said about the school of Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah (The People of the Truth and Straightness) that we revile, abuse and curse the companions! That we are Khawarij that curse, revile and abuse the companions.

Nothing can be further from the truth!

When you hear people say such things about us ask them to bring their evidence!

Please listen to what our teacher and Shaykh Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Abdali (Hafidullah) shares with us what should be the stance of the Muslims, the People of the Truth and Steadfastness, in regards to the companions and those who have gone before us.

One group says about some of the companions of the Blessed Messenger (saw) that they “Are the dogs of hellfire!” Another group says, “These are sinners and have disobeyed the order of Allah.”

In our books, the Ibadi we haven’t named someone as a dog from the dogs of Jahannam. Al hamdulllah! That Allah (swt) has purified our tongues from it. We do not say the sahabah/companions were all angels and saints. We tell the history.

This should be very clear. If our books say that such and such a companion is a sinner or sinned that is not reviling that is simply reported the news. If our books say such and such a companion went against the amr, the command of Allah (swt) that is not reviling anyone. That is simply reporting the news.

You are welcome to dispute with us about rather or not such and such a companion sinned on this or that occasion but stop saying that the Ibadi revile, curse or abuse the companions.

It was our teachers who approached Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz who was a righteous Caliph and a just Imam. (May Allah be pleased with him.) It is they who went to him and pleased to stop the cursing and reviling of the companions at the minbar. It is not the place for it.

Sunni and Shi’i sources report that Ali ibn Abu Talib led the prayers either while intoxicated or in a major state of ritual impurtity.

So are they reviling, rebuking and cursing Ali for simply reporting the facts?

Or what about the reviling, and rebuking Ahl Sunnah has done of the noble companion Hurqus Ibn Zuhair (r.a) ?

Or what about the tremendous, and horrible statement put into the mouth of the Blessed Messenger (saw), calling some of his companions “the dogs of hellfire” , Many are those from among the Shi’i and Ah Sunnah quote this with absolutely no shame.

What about the Salafi preacher who really did curse one of the companions, Amr b. al-Hamiq al-Khuza’i for stabbing Uthman in the chest 9 times!

What about Ibn Taymiyyah’s damning admission that the majority of the companions hated Ali?

We, Ibadi do not hate Ali. There are three views in regards to him in the school.

So I would implore those in dawah, and I would implore the teachers and learned people from among the Sunni and Shi’i to be educated on this matter. You may not agree with us and you are free to differ with us but you do not have a license to lie upon us, and misrepresent us.

In fact on matters of lying and not being truthful one should have awareness and fear of Allah (swt) who sees and knows all that we do.

May Allah (swt) guide us all to what is beloved to him.


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