Allah has two hands and both his hands are right hands? (and he has a left hand)

“There is nothing like Him: He is the All Hearing, the All Seeing.” (Qur’an 42:11)

“Do you say things regarding Allah that you do not know?” (Qur’an 7:28)

There are those who make it a point of aqidah/imam a creedal position to assert that Allah (swt) has two hands, and a left hand, and both of his hand are right hands.  We must accept this “without asking how“.  Then they also turn around and say, “but the meaning is known.

Interestingly this issue is not about denying/affirming any attribute of Allah (swt). Nor is about the way of the Salaaf, it is a simply a matter of does the Arabic language have idioms and expressions? 

 Apparently some people in the Muslim community simply do not get this!

Thus, they will go on an inquisition and label as deviants anyone who does not hold to the idea that Allah (swt) has two hands, and a left hand, and both of his hands are right hands.

That is correct you heard them.  Allah (swt) has “two right hands

I came across a Hadith of Sahih Muslim which states:

“Abdullah b. ‘Umar reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) saying: Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, would fold the Heavens on the Day of Judgment and then He would place them on His right hand and say: I am the Lord; where are the haughty and where are the proud (today)? He would fold the’ earth (placing it) on the left hand and say: I am the Lord; where are the haughty and where are the proud (today)?


Now you can clearly see from the above text that many Salafi preachers have asserted that Allah (swt) has two hands and that “both his hands are right hands.”  They get that from the above hadith!

Yet, this hadith is Mudraj:

Mudraj – interpolated: an addition by a reporter to the text of the hadith being narrated. It even tells you in the hadith itself!  Muhammad (one of the narrators said in his Hadith: “And both of His hands are right hands.”

How does one not see that?!

This cannot be said to be attributed to the Blessed Messenger (saw). This is the statement of the sub-narrator.

These people in their guilty conscious did not want people to think Allah (swt) has a left hand. Which also shows they are involved in dhan (speculation) about Allah (swt). They did not just let the words pass they had to make bold assertions without proof!

Some of the claimants to the Salaaf who hold these positions will expose themselves by blatantly comparing Allah (swt) to the creation by saying something along the following:

“You see akhi All of Allah’s attributes (hands, shin, face ect) can be described as right. Right here means blessed  (تَيَمُّن). As Muslims we know the right is preferred and more virtuous than the left. For example the verse in the Qur’an that says: “So those on the Right Hand (i.e. those who will be given their Records in their right hands) – how (fortunate) will be those on the Right Hand! (As a respect for them, because they will enter Paradise).” (Qur’an 56:8)

“And those on the Left Hand (i.e. those who will be given their Record in their left hands) – how (unfortunate) will be those on the Left Hand! (As a disgrace for them, because they will enter Hell).”(Qur’an 56:9)

This is Tamthil clear as day.   Let us say for the sake of discussion that Allah (swt) does indeed have a left hand as the hadith Sahih Muslim clearly says he does above.  Why would any attribute of Allah (swt) not be blessed?  That is a bizarre thought.

Then, the person commits a clear act of Tamthil (likening Allah (swt) to the creation) by negating a left hand for Allah (swt)!! They do this by comparing/contrasting the unfortunate news of people receiving their records in their left hands and right hands on the day of judgement.  But these are actual hands of people!

  1. This claimant to Salafiyah has committed a clear act of Tamthil.
  2. Is negating what clearly says he has: “a left hand” according to the sahih hadith.
  3. Making claims that an attribute of Allah (swt) would not be blessed?!

One of their scholars likened Allah (swt) to the moon!

Let us get something out of the way from the very beginning. There is not a single narration from the Blessed Messenger (saw) where when he speaks of Allah’s “hands” where the Blessed Messenger (saw), says, “In a way that befits his majesty” or “unlike his creation.”

That is an open challenge. For the person who can bring that I will shutdown this website!

I challenge any of those people who make such a disclaimer statement after mentioning “hands”, “foot”, “eyes”, “shin” “leg” “foot” or “side” to show this!

The fact that such people have to put a disclaimer after such a statement is an innovation!

“They have not appraised Allah with true appraisal, while the earth entirely will be within His grip on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in His right hand. Exalted is He and high above what they associate with Him.”(Qur’an 39:67)

This verse also demolishes the claim that Allah (swt) is above the throne in an apparent sense. When Allah (swt) folds up the heavens there goes the throne as well!

“Allah said, “O Iblis, what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with My hands? Were you arrogant then, or were you already among the haughty?” (Qur’an 38:75)

Some of these people have tried to argue that this word translated as “hands” must be understood as “hands” as something special concerning the creation of Adam. However, this is refuted by the following text of the Qur’an:

“Do they not see that We have created for them from what Our hands have made, grazing livestock, and then they are their owners?”(Qur’an 36:71)

Are we to say that cattle have an advantage or distinction over other animals because they were created by the “hands” of Allah (swt)?

“And the sky we built it with hands.” (Qur’an 51:47)

Look at how all three of these Saudi English translations of the Qur’an translate the above text!!

“And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are its expander.”(Qur’an 51:47 Sahih International)

“With power did we Construct heaven. Truly, We can extend the vastness of space thereof.” (Qur’an 51:47 Muhsin Khan & Muhammed Al Hilali)

“With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of pace.” (Qur’an 51:47 Yusuf Ali Saudi 1985)

The hands of Allah (swt) tied up?

“And the Jews say, ‘The hand of Allah is tied up.’ Chained are their hands, and cursed are they for what they say. Rather, both His Hands are extended, HE spends however He Wills.” (Qur’an 5:64)

It is obvious, to begin with, that this very verse is allegorical. The Jews are not literally saying that Allah’s hand is “tied up”. Rather they are claiming that Allah (swt) is not bestowing upon them what they feel he should bestow. What this verse means is that both the power and generosity of Allah (swt) is on full display.

“He wrote the Tawrāt for you with His Own Hand.”

Source: (Bukhāri, no. 6614, Muslim, no. 80)

Other uses of the word hand in the Qur’an.

“Indeed, those who pledge allegiance to you, they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah. The hand of Allah is over their hands. So he who breaks his word only breaks it to the detriment of himself. And he who fulfills that which he has promised Allah – He will give him a great reward.” (Qur’an 48:10)

This is a metaphorical usage of the word hand that is allowed within the context of the Qur’an itself. Will it be said that people who have no hands or people who are amputees could never make such a pledge?

“Moreover, whatever strikes you of disaster – it is for what your hands have earned, but He pardons much.” (Qur’an 42:30)

Are we to understand from the above verse that as long as we do evil with our tongues, eyes, feet that disaster will not befall us? As far as those who do not have physical hands does this verse still apply to them?

“And also prohibited to you are all married women except those your right hands possess.” (Qur’an 4:24)

Are we to understand by this verse that a person who has no right hand or a person who was an amputee would not be permitted to marry women as he has no “right hand” to possess them? Certainly not.

“Oh Prophet, say to whoever is in your hands of the captives, “If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what was taken from you, and He will forgive you, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (Qur’an 8:70)

Are we supposed to imagine that the Blessed Prophet (saw) was a giant with little tiny people in his hands!?!

“And remember Our servants Ibrahim and Ishaq and Yaqoub, men who possessed hands and vision.” (Qur’an 38:45)

Here the word hands literally does mean power. Look how virtually everyone under the sun translates this!

“Or he in whose hand is the knot of marriage remits.” (Qur’an 2:237)

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