Welcome to the section on Christianity. This section may be of particular interest to those readers who come from the Christian faith. It may also prove useful for those Muslims who are interacting with our Christian friends.

“Those to whom we gave the Book know it as they know their children, but a group of them knowingly hide the truth”- Qur’an 2:146

His Eminence Pope John Paul 2 kissing the Qur’an.

I would highly encourage you to read the first article listed here. It is my understanding that Genesis chapter 3 and the theology that flows from it is all that stands between Islam and Christianity.

Genesis chapter 3 and Islam

Christian Missionary Ask: What has Allah ever done for you?

The Death Knell of Christianity.

The Blessed Messenger: The Prophet Muhammed as written about in the Bible.

Would they die for a lie? A Popular Christian Argument.

Does the Qur’an teach that the Bible was corrupted?

Is the Bible the Unadulterated word of God?

Adoptionist Theology: How did Jesus become the Son of God?

Christian Evangelist Admits: Allah is God.

Salvation according to Islam & Judaism

Does the Biblical text assert two incarnations?

Christian claims of apocryphal sources in the Qur’an.

The Degenerate and Disgraced Christians who Attacked Islam and Muslims

Are some Christian scholars deceitful over the word worship?

Why Jesus cannot be the name of God.

Was Jesus Crucified or Impaled? Looking at the Arabic text.

Jesus is dead. There is no second coming of Jesus: The Ibadi position.

What happened to Jesus? How did Jesus die?

Islamic eschatology and hadith on Imam Mahdi in light of Ibn Khaldun

Is the Apostle Paul an Anti Christ?

The position from the Qur’an is that Christ Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary.

Answer to Christian polemicist who disparage The Blessed Prophet

Wisdom of the Blessed Prophet Marrying Zaynab.

The Mission of Jesus: To Whom Was He Sent?

Does The Qur’an inaccurately describe ‘The’ Trinity?

Does forgiving sins make one God?

Knowing our theology: Encounter between Habib Ali Jifri and Miroslav Volf

A Message to Jehovah’s Witness.

The Bible Commands Christians To Pay Jizyah Tax

Are Christians Assured of Salvation?

Is Christ Jesus God?

Is Christ Jesus God?

Is The Holy Spirit God?

Christian Heaven & Islamic Heaven: Virgins Violence and Coup D’etat

Does the Christian heaven have a place for women?

Prophet Muhammed’s Letter To The Monks of St. Catherine Monastery.

The Ibadi school’s position on the divine unicity of Allah: Contrasted with the Ashari non-position and Christian concepts of Trinity.

A collection of articles on the Blessed Virgin Birth of Jesus.

The Blessed Virgin Birth of Jesus.

The Popular Double Cross Crucifixion How Strong Is the Historical Evidence?

Professor Miroslav Volf: Allah a Christian Response:

C.S Lewis The Most Embarrassing Verse in the Bible

The Christian heaven and the Muslim heaven

The Pentecostals, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly