Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem, With the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

“Allah! There is no god but He: of a surety He will gather you together against the Day of Judgment, about which there is no doubt. And whose hadith can be truer than Allah’s?” (Qur’an 4:87)

As salamu ‘alikum warahmutallahi wabarakuth (May the Peace, Mercy of Allah and Blessings descend upon you in tranquility).

This page will be a collection of articles on the second source of Islamic guidance, the sublime sunnah of the Blessed Messenger (saw). The Sunnah consist of words, actions and treatise of the Blessed Messenger. As our teachers have taught us Islam is not found in the books but in the community. The School of the Muslims, the People of The Truth and Steadfastness (Ahl Al Haqq Wal Istiqamah) believe that the Sunnah is alive in us. In our actions, in the way we interact with one another.

The mass transmitted sunnah is alive in the way we wash for prayers, perform our prayers, bury our dead, conduct our weddings, and in every facet of our lives. The Sunnah is not something that you just find on the pages of books inked by men and women. The Sunnah is in the blood of every Muslim. The love for the Blessed Messenger (saw) and the realization that he is the mercy to the worlds, just as Allah (swt) said he is. That realization is the heart. These become actions. As human beings we are given to human frailties and failings, Yet, each of us strive to become a better person tomorrow than we are today and a better person today than we were the day before.

Towards Understanding the Hadith, The Approach of the Ibadi School.

Towards Understanding Hadith -Ibadi approach

The Blessed Sandals: How would you handle his sandals much less his Blessed Words?

The Blessed Sandals. Handling the words attributed to the Prophet Muhammed (saw).

Lone narrator reports are not proofs in theology.

Lone narrator reports are not proofs in theology.

Prima-Qur’an position on the hadith.


Does the Qur’an instruct us to disregard all hadith?

Salafi Shaykh Al Abani admits that Bukhari has weak hadith and mistakes.


The Hanafi school of jurisprudence absolutely decimates Bukhari.


Sunni intellectual giant: Ibn Hajar Al Asqlani questions hadith about 90 foot tall Adam.

Imam Al Daraqutni The Sunni Imam who questioned Bukhari’s collection.

Al-Daraqutni: The Sunni Imam who questioned Bukhari’s collection

Salafi apologist Bassam Zawadi’s methodology and the Sunni decimation of a sahih hadith.


Textual manipulation of hadith to advocate prayer positions.


Was Imam Bukhari a hadith rejecter? Studies show he rejected 99% of the hadith he came into contact with!

Hadith about the Jews turned into rats and the miraculous coccyx bone.


Attacks upon the sahih hadith by Sufis and the Ash’ari school of theology.


Abu Hurayrah a closer look.


Pro Sufi & Anti Sufi hadith forgeries: The Case of Malik & Shafi’i


Categories for hadith centric Muslims by Adam Sayid.


Dr. Jeffery Lang: Our Children are suspicious of hadith.


Hadith narrators had infallible memories? Daleel (Proofs) That this is simply not true.

Hadith Narrators and Infallible Memories?

Saudi Muslim scholar & intellectual: False hadith culture corrupting Islam.


Correcting Bukhari’s hadith attributed to the Blessed Messenger (saw).


The man who could steal with ease according to THIS hadith.

The man who could steal with ease….according to this hadith!

The so called hadith of the 73 sects in light of the Holy Qur’an.


Leading Sunni apologist Dr. Shabir Ally: To Question Bukhari & Muslim is not wrong.


Hadith: Wholesale Rejection or Uncritical Acceptance: Dr. Shabir Ally.


The necessity of the hadith in Islam by Emad Hamdeh: A critical review.



The Blue Ring Octopus versus the Sahih Hadith.


I have a date with the 7 ajwa dates! Response to Salafi Waqar Akbar Cheema


Shaykh Hamza Yusuf: We only have 500 hadith that are of the status of the Qur’an.

Hadith attack the scholarship of Ibn Abbas (r.a)


2 patently false hadith in sahih bukhari; Ibn Abbas and the marriage of Mainuma.


Hating a hadith just for the sake of hating a hadith.


Hanafi Imam admits: Complete Salah-prayer based only on sahih hadith is impossible for Sunni Muslims.


50 prayers reduced to 5: Hadith says Moses knows better than Allah (swt).


Salafi apologist Bassam Zawadi: Bukhari isn’t 100% accurate.


Moroccan Scholar Fatema Mernissi Takes Bukhari to task.


The hadith of the fly returns.


Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Husayni Al Ninowy trashes the hadith on 73 sects as a fabrication.


Hadith of the 73 sects analyzed and refuted by Shaykh Salah Al Din Bin Ahmad Al Idlibi Al Shafi’i.


How can we be 100% certain that the lone narrator reports are things the Blessed Messenger (saw) said?

Manuscript of the Musnand of Imam Rabe’ bin Habeeb found.

A manuscript of the Musnad of Imam Rabe’ bin Habeeb that was found.