The conservative and liberal world order and the future of this Ummah.

Who can be more wicked than one who invents a lie against Allah, or says, “I have received inspiration,” when he has received none, or again who says, “I can reveal the like of what Allah has revealed”? If you could but see how the wicked fare in the flood of confusion at death! – the angels stretch forth their hands, saying,” Yield up your souls: this day you will receive your reward,- a penalty of shame, for that you used to tell lies against Allah, and scornfully to reject of His signs!” (Qur’an 6:93)

Before any Johnny come lately’s appear and proclaim ‘shocking’ information about the Mahdi you should know this. Prima Qur’an has had that information available to the general public since June 2, 2020.

You can read that post here:

Hadith on Imam Mahdi in the Light of Ibn Khaldun

You should know dear reader that the school of Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah believes that Jesus (a.s)is dead! You should know that no salvic figure such as a Mahdi is coming to assist this Ummah.

You should know that complaining about who should have succeeded the Blessed Messenger (saw) 1400 years ago does little to nothing to benefit the Muslim ummah of today.

The school of Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah does not live in the past like the Shi’a (Ali got robbed!)

Nor do we wait for some salvic figure to come (like the Ahl Sunnah and the Shi’a).

Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah is the school of the HERE and the NOW.

“It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance the true world view to manifest over all other world views, although the those who associate others with Allah detest it.” (Qur’an 9:33)

“This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islām as religion. (Qur’an 5:3)

This ummah if we rectify our affairs, and our creed. If we focus on purifying our hearts, actions and unify upon sound doctrine we will have an Amir Ul Mumineen again.

You should know that the CONSERVATIVE world view espoused by the right or the far right represents no threat to Islam. In fact in many ways its a welcomed ally as opposed to the LIBERAL world order, or a godless world order.

You should know dear reader that at one point in our Muslim history, every single Muslim majority nation was occupied by a European power. That European power was a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN power. It was not governed by a liberal European power. It was a Christian centric vision that these European powers had. They militarily dominated us. They occupied our schools. They killed our Shyookh and people who learned the Qur’an. They sent missionaries whose tongues were let loose against the Blessed Messenger (saw) in a way that would make any of these Anti-Islamic YouTube preachers blush. We were dominated in every single way you could possibly think of, except one. EMAN.

Al hamdulilah many gave their lives, and many Muslims fought and pushed those out of Muslim lands that did not belong there. Rather than trade the afterlife for this life, these noble souls traded this life for the life to come.

They had their shot.

What is the CONSERVATIVE world order today?


Every where that the Calvinist strain of Christianity flourished, the churches became museums, Switzerland, Holland among them. Calvinist soteriology rings hallow.

The Catholic church still holds strength in Central and South America and among some nations in Africa, and the Philippines. Yet, more and more of them become Muslim every day. Al hamdulillah!

You have “Christians” so alarmed at the success of Islam that they have to team up with Atheist (not giving a moment’s thought for the Atheist own salvation) in order to attack Islam.

Christians have moved away from calling to the grace of Christ and instead have presented a menu of:

“Christianity is better than Islam because the laws Jesus instituted in the Old Testament are less morally repugnant than the laws of Islam.” Really?! That is the best that they got?

You have Christians youtubers who have to do fake conversion stories, especially atrocious is this in Indonesia. You have popular Christian preachers claim to be ex-Muslims and outed as fakes.

You have Donald Trump who did his level best to bring two increasingly competing circles of conservatives together, the more sensible main stream Protestant Christians (who see through the Zionist lies, the never ending wars in the middle east, the increasing globalist control over their own country and culture) to ally with Postmillennial Christians who put themselves at the service of the State of Israel and everything Zionist.

KNOW that this alliance is trepid and when it does break and it WILL, those sensible main stream Protestant Christians will see the lies spread about Islam and Muslims. They will see through the Zionist propaganda and many thousands of them will become Muslims. In fact it is already happening.

The LIBERAL world order.

Now, this is the less credible threat to the Muslim Ummah than the conservative one. Why is that?

The conservatives had a world view, a moral compass, that was all based upon belief in the divine. Rather we agree with their theology or not.

The liberal world order, is there is ultimately no truth. Evolution has no purpose. There is no objective moral code.

This is why we get a society in which in the year 2018 we actually have to have a vote to ban people having sex with animals. A vote that gets passed by 25 to 10! Why was it not unanimous?

Louisiana’s state senate has approved a bill explicitly banning sex with animals by 25 votes to 10.

The bill, which now goes to the House of Representatives, would make sexual abuse of an animal illegal; require an abused animal to be taken from its abuser; and bar those convicted from owning any pets in future.

The state of Kentucky also recently banned sex with animals.

There are only FOUR U.S STATES STILL REMAINING where sex with animals is not illegal, Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

At least Hawaii is CONSIDERING to ban having sex with animals!

We live in a world where you may need to ask your baby for consent to change a dirty diaper?

We are living in a world where a man can be sub par swimmer in the men’s division and take women’s hormones and identify as a woman and snub women who have worked very hard for the right to have fair competition and win in completive sports.


What can one say? it is the primary fuel behind the liberal world order. Of course there are Atheist that are conservatives, in the sense of a conservative on economics, maybe some of them are strategic in thinking and put two and two together and say, “Hmm in a world where men are having sex with animals, and women are aborting babies and posting about it on tiktok and laughing, meanwhile Muslim families are having many children, and passing their world view on to them, maybe just maybe it may make sense to have a conservative, traditional family?”

I can’t take atheism seriously. At least not in terms of any critique of what they consider horrific or extreme about faith traditions. The only thing that Atheist bring to the table that I do find fair to engage in is their initial objection to a belief in God. That is quite fair. However, there is no objective morality.

Enter Sam Harris. At least some Atheist, like Sam Harris get that. They realize that no objective morality rings hallow. You can’t talk certain aspects of Shari’ah law that make you uncomfortable without having an objective moral basis. At the very least Sam Harris tries to argue for this without the need for divine guidance. Kuddos for trying.


A person once said you do not leave Islam, but the Islam leaves you! Subhan’Allah. Truer words have not been spoken. There are a myriad of reasons why people leave Islam. Let me be clear in saying that I will not be grudge the fact that there are people born and raised as Muslims who most likely do find a particular denomination of Christianity, in Buddhism, or New Age or Atheism more fulfilling, or cohesive worldviews. Yet, in my experience a great many Muslims like any other faith are Muslim in name only, nominal you may say. Some people became Muslim in order to marry a Muslim individual. Some did it because they found out through Instagram, tiktok, and YouTube they could become over night sensations. I mean we do stand around 1 billion strong world wide. If that does not help your algorithms I am not sure what would.

Some leave because yes they were tempted with food/housing. Happens allot with Christian missionaries in India/Africa/Indonesia. Some leave because they had abusive husbands. Some Muslim women imbued with the spirit of materialism want to go out there and make that bling, faith be damned!

Yet as Sherly Crow said: “if it makes you happy why the hell are you so sad.” This brings us to:


Those who find their hearts reconciled to Allah (swt). Those who did not have proper teaching on the faith to begin with, impatient teachers, or those Muslims who are upon batil (falsehood) to begin with. Al hamdulilah those Ex-Ex Muslims are also growing. Many don’t know what they have til it’s gone.

“This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islām as religion. (Qur’an 5:3)

Al hamdulillah!


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