Imam Khalid Yasin on the Ibadi Perspective.

“Then he who is trusted should deliver his trust, and let him be careful (of his duty to) Allah, his Lord; and do not conceal testimony, and whoever conceals it, his heart is surely sinful; and Allah knows what you do.” (Qur’an 2:283)

Imam Khalid Yasin is world renown orator and public speaker. He has delivered lectures on Islam all over the world. This is his testimony in regards to his time in Oman and being among those who follow Ahl Haqq Wal Istiqamah (The People of Truth and Steadfastness)

Sheikh Khalid Yasin in Oman.

May Imam Khalid Yasin be in good health and in an excellent state of Emaan. May Allah (swt) guide us to what is beloved to Allah (swt).


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